Wedded Wonderland contributor, nutritionist and blogger, Jessica Sepel is our go-to for any healthy eating advice. So as we dive into the Silly Season, it was obvious that we had to chat with her about holiday over-eating. This is what she says. 

I am a big family girl. I love the holiday season because even though I’m lucky to be surrounded by family and friends all year round, there’s something special about getting together over the new year period to really celebrate the past year and welcome in everything that’s to come.

However, I also know that under the surface the festive season can be a time where our normally healthy eating habits can be thrown out the window

1. Food is abundant.

For most of us, we are so incredibly lucky to be living a life where food isn’t scarce. Remembering this is a great way to realise that you don’t need to overeat at Christmas dinner, you don’t need to overindulge at the work end of year party. Remind yourself that (luckily) the food is

2. Don’t stop exercising and moving your body!

Incorporate your usual movement schedule into activities with family and friends – find a nice coastal or bush walk instead of coffee and cake; catch up with friends at the beach and go for a swim or a walk along the sand.

3. If you do overindulge, forgive yourself.

Holding onto the guilt will do your body far more harm than good. Remember that your body is more than capable of digesting what you’ve eaten – you are what you eat most of the time… not some of the time!

4. Rest is important now, more than ever.

Ironically the ‘holidays’ seem to have become a very stressful and busy period for many people. Let’s remember that it’s okay not to be doing things every minute of the day. Take time out to be with your besties, your family or your kids. Indulge in doing absolutely nothing. There is no need to rush – take pleasure in the little things and a slower pace this holiday season.

5. And most importantly, remember to enjoy yourselves!

Healthy living is more than just healthy eating – it’s about having the freedom to enjoy yourself and be happy with those you love most.1

Jessica Sepel – With a Bachelor of Health Science and Nutritional Medicine and social media following of more than 100k, Jessica has cemented herself as the go-to healthy lifestyle guru. Her approach is informed by a well-researched understanding of nutrition and complimented by a passion to achieve physical and psychological balance. Jessica has just released her first hard-copy book, ‘The Healthy Life’. She is passionate about helping individuals embrace a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and believes food can heal all. Jessica’s approach to health and nutrition aims to inspire people to live the best possible lifestyle by maintaining a healthy relationship with food and themselves.


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