Unfortunately, there ends up being dozens of guests to your wedding who you just don’t like that much. From your friend’s new boyfriend to your second cousin’s partner’s uncle, if you’re having a large wedding, we guarantee there will be a few ring-ins.

Here are our nine picks of the most annoying guests.

1. The Ex

Whether it’s your ex or your fiancés’, their presence always brings a whole lot of awkwardness.


2. Plus Ones

Your bridesmaid’s latest fling, or your brother’s girlfriend who thinks your wedding is an opportunity to wear her latest nightclub dress. These are the worst type of people to have at your wedding because they’re either really clingy with their partners, or, they get a little too comfortable and think that the night belongs to them.

3. Kids

Kids, they’re adorable, we love them, but sometimes that don’t belong at weddings. As much as Aunt Cathy insists her little one is an angel, before you know it you’ll have a game of tips going on during your first dance. Chaos is inevitable.1

4. Your Parents’ Friends

For some reason, Mums and Dads think they should invite their entire book club to your wedding. Yes, that usually includes your Mum’s friend who insists on liking all your photos on Facebook, and commenting on them too even though you’ve only met her once!

5. Relatives You Barely Know or Know But Hate

Distant cousins you haven’t seen in years or maybe just that drunken uncle that gets a little creepy around your friends, we all have those annoying relatives who we wish weren’t coming, but that our parents force us to invite.

6. Your Boss

You’ve invited all your friends from work and that just leaves the boss, someone you don’t particularly like but can make your work life hell if you don’t play your cards right. Most people just cave and invite them because it would be pretty awks if everyone else in the office is talking about the wedding and they weren’t.

7. Frenemies

You invited her because she’s friends with all your friends, but everyone knows there is tension between you. She’s that person who will roll her eyes during the Groom’s speech because it’s sweet but laugh hysterically if anything goes wrong. Boo you whore!3

8. Neighbours

Do you invite them over for dinner? No. Do you spend time with them outside of going over to ask for some brown sugar? Yeah, no. Yet, there is always an expectation that you have to invite them. Who will they even sit with at the reception?!

9. Anyone You Haven’t Spoken to in the Past Year

You know that high school friend you lost touch with one year after graduating, or that person you worked with for a few months, a year ago. Yeah those people. You randomly bump into them a month out from the wedding and now they’re invited. You both know you weren’t going to invite them had you not seen them, yet you feel obliged to ask anyway, and they feel obliged to attend. Awkwardness all around!

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