A Glamorous Wedding in the Heart of Sydney

On August 26th, 2023, Sydney played host to a wedding that was not only filled with love and romance but also a touch of glamour and substantial public interest. Dr. Daniel Nour, the distinguished 2022 Young Australian of the Year, tied the knot with the love of his life, Cassandra, in a celebration that captured the hearts of many. This high-profile wedding was a true testament to love, commitment, and the power of two souls coming together.

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The wedding was attended by some of the most prominent figures in Australia, including former Prime Minister Scott Morrison. It’s safe to say that this was more than just another wedding; it was a celebration that held a special place in the hearts of both the couple and the nation.


How They Met

Their love story started when Daniel followed Cassandra on Instagram. Daniel’s initial charming message intrigued her, but she was hesitant to respond due to reservations about online connections. Despite not replying, Daniel’s posts about his charity work with “Street Side Medics” touched her heart, making her regret her decision. Ultimately, she decided to volunteer for the charity, bridging the gap between them. Their journey from social media to real life began, a serendipitous twist that laid the foundation for a remarkable love story. 

The Proposal

Daniel’s proposal, filled with surprise and emotion, was a testament to his deep love for Cassandra. He took her on a journey of uncertainty, only to surprise her with a breathtaking proposal overlooking Sydney’s iconic harbor. The moment Cassandra walked into the room filled with rose petals, violins, and a picture of their parents meeting for the first time, the world seemed to stand still. It was a proposal fit for a love story that would be told for generations.

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The Venue

Their choice of venues was nothing short of spectacular. The ceremony took place at the picturesque St Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church, setting the stage for a profoundly meaningful union. The reception, held at the Hyatt Regency in Sydney, offered a breathtaking view of Sydney Harbour, creating a magical backdrop for their celebration. The coordination and support provided by Joanne, the Events Coordinator at the Hyatt, added an extra layer of perfection to their day.

image 85
image 87

As if fate itself had orchestrated the event, the Sydney Fireworks began at the perfect moment, synchronizing with Mark Vincent’s performance of “Hallelujah.” It was a breathtaking sight that left everyone in awe and added an unforgettable touch to the evening.

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Favorite Elements of the Wedding

Cassandra and Daniel were determined to make their wedding a reflection of their unique personalities and shared passions. They broke away from convention and focused on what truly mattered to them: great food, fine drinks, and a moody, black-tie atmosphere. Their “his, hers, ours” drink selection at the bar, featuring their favorite beverages, was a delightful touch that allowed guests to savor the couple’s individual tastes.

image 86

The Nobu tacos for entree, strawberry watermelon cake for dessert, and the expertly curated entertainment highlighted the couple’s dedication to creating an unforgettable experience for their guests. From a 10-piece orchestra led by composer Daniel Fontaine to Mark Vincent’s enchanting performance and the blend of Arabic and English music, every detail was carefully chosen to reflect their tastes and cultural heritage.

image 84

Planning The Wedding

Cassandra and Daniel embarked on their wedding planning journey around 12 months before their wedding, a few months after their engagement. Their decision not to hire a wedding planner allowed them to be intimately involved in every aspect of the process, ensuring that their wedding was a true reflection of their personalities and tastes. They relied on day coordinators to ensure a seamless execution of their carefully crafted vision.

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The Bride’s Gown

Cassandra’s exquisite gown, created by the renowned Steven Khalil, was a masterpiece that combined the timeless elegance of Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton’s wedding gowns. With a high neck collar, V-neck opening, and a blend of modesty and extravagance, her dress was the epitome of sophistication and grace.

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The Couples’ Favorite Moments

For Cassandra, the most cherished moments were during the wedding ceremony at the church altar. The prayers, the whispered words exchanged with Daniel, and the declaration of their love before God and everyone they knew, left an indelible mark on her heart.

For Daniel, the days leading up to the wedding were filled with emotion and anticipation. Seeing Cassandra ascend the stairs at the church was a moment of pure magic. He was humbled, honored, and grateful to call her his wife.

image 82
image 83
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The Wedding Vendors

Bride: @cassie_el    

Groom: @danielnour1

Photo & Video: @saltatelier_wedding

Wedding Gown: @steven_khalil

Florist: @melissadcruzfloral

Makeup Artist: @linda_mua

Hair Stylist: @jasmincervellohmu

Reception: @hyattregencysydney

Dance Floor & Bridal & Cake table: @pristinedancefloors

Cake: @sugarimpressioncakes

Tanning: @madetoglowtans

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