8 Things To Do Post-Breakup Instead Of Feeling Sorry For Yourself

When you’ve gone through a painful breakup, it’s totally normal to feel like the world has ended and you’ll never find love again- a lot of people do!

But priorities are priorities and it’s essential to look after yourself and your health and trust us, you’ll slowly and eventually, get over it.

So pull your head out of that box of chocolates, stop watching romantic comedies and change your outfit, because it’s time to focus on YOU!

Here is a to-do-list of 8 things to do post-breakup, instead of feeling sorry for yourself.


Get A Makeover 

Us girls want to look the best we can. So get a makeover. Show off to the world that you can still be a beautiful princess without a prince. Get your make up done, go out for the night and start your new single life right.

Change Your Hair 

Start fresh. Glam up. Become a more YOU. Whether it may be a different colour, length or style, change up your hairstyle. With any luck, you’ll be able to eliminate all past memories, and create new ones with the new single you. If not, then hey, at least you look damn good, right?

Post A Killer new Profile Pic 

Slay. Slay. Slay. Show off your amazing new look and positive single life (plus, show your ex what they’re missing)!

Have A Girls Night 

Glam up, put on your best outfit and head out with your girlfriends. You’re single now, remember? So be free, have fun and don’t worry about your other half’s expectations.

Join The Gym 

Joining the gym could be a great way to channel the negativity and anger post-breakup. Whilst this is a great way to let out your anger and smash out a workout, it is also a great remedy to become healthier and more fit.



Memories of your ex may be everywhere, so a change of scenery may be extremely helpful to get your mind of those negative thoughts. Travel with some friends, family or even by yourself, and create some new memories.

Learn A New Language 

With some time off your hands, consider learning a new language. It’ll definitely take those anxious and negative thoughts out of your head, and keep you highly pre-occupied. Plus, this might come in handy when travelling.

Start A Journel 

Being overwhelmed with negative thoughts may leave you puzzled and unsure of what to do. Instead of keeping them locked up in your mind, write them out in your journal instead. Also, consider writing a gratitude list of all the positive things you’ve learnt from your past relationship that have shaped you into the person you are today.

Cover photo by: @falcongriffith

Written By Chante El-Zoghbi 

Posted in Relationships, Single Ladies by wedded wonderland

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