These Are The Traditional Anniversary Gifts For Every Year

Wedding anniversaries are the perfect opportunity to celebrate the strong bond between two love birds, but finding the right gift can be quite difficult. Thankfully though, there’s an easy solution, and it’ll help you out every single year.

Traditional anniversary gifts have a different theme for each year, giving you one category to help you plan the ultimate present your significant other will cherish. You can choose to follow the tradition literally, or get creative and think outside of the box.

We’ve put together all of the anniversary traditions, as well as a little idea for each one, so you can get all the inspiration you’ll need.

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1st Year: Paper

Paper isn’t as limited as you think! You can buy your partner concert or theatre tickets, vouchers, or a plane ticket for a sweet little holiday. They are made out of paper after all!

2nd Year: Cotton  

Clothes, clothes, clothes! Revamp your husband or wife’s closet by buying them some cotton clothes! Alternatively, you could buy a pillowcase that has some personalised stitching, for a sweet, heartfelt gift.

3rd Year: Leather

There are so many leather goods out there to give as gifts! Bags, belts, or shoes never go wrong, but you can also consider a leather-bound journal for the partner that loves to write. Extra brownie points for a journal that has an embossed message, or even just some initials.

4th Year: Fruit & Flowers

This one is pretty straight forward! But try and think outside of the box; you can either blanket your house in roses like Kanye West to Kim, or, maybe even give the gift of an Apple iPhone (that’s still fruit isn’t it?).

5th Year: Wood  

Choose an engraved wooden cheese board for the partner that loves to host, or instead opt for a wooden keepsake box for the sentimental. Alternatively, combine both of your gifts together and work on a little house renovation. New timber deck anyone?

6th Year: Candy

Mmmmm, you can’t go wrong with some candy! Go big and bold, and get creative.

7th Year: Wool  

This is perfect if your anniversary date is in winter! Get your loved one a scarf, gloves, socks, a sweater or beanie.

8th Year: Salt 

Bath salts are the first that come to mind here, but you can step it up a little by giving a voucher to a relaxing spa treatment. You could also take this gift idea to your advantage and Wine & Dine your lover at a restaurant of your choice. Just be sure to salt your meal!

9th Year: Pottery

Reenact your favourite Ghost scene and take a pottery class together for your 9th anniversary. It’ll be a great and intimate experience that you’re unlikely to forget.

10th Year: Tin/Aluminum   

Tin and aluminium aren’t exactly the easiest gifts to find, so think about being sentimental for this year. We love this personalised engraved compass.

Alternatively, there’s also a modern spin for this year, with couples choosing to gift diamond jewellery. Spoil your man with a pair of diamond cufflinks, or perhaps your wife with an upgraded wedding band?

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11th Year: Steel   

Another difficult one, we suggest you think out of the box for this anniversary. Organise a romantic outdoor movie and watch Steel Magnolias for a sweer play on words, or a horseriding session, because of course, horseshoes are made out of steel. Otherwise, jewellery is always a good option, or for the cheeky, perhaps a pair of handcuffs? If you want to go really big, you could also gift your partner with a brand new car.

12th Year: Silk

A silk pyjama set, pillowcase, or robe may be some good ideas for your 12th year anniversary.

13th Year: Lace   

Get a bit naughty with sexy lingerie to celebrate your 13th year together.

14th Year: Ivory   

While tradition is beautiful, sometimes it can be outdated, and that’s exactly the case for the 14th anniversary. Since ivory can only be sourced unethically from elephants, rhinos, and other tusked animals, we don’t condone buying anything made from ivory. Instead, choose something ivory-coloured, like plate ware, jewellery or clothing.

15th Year: Crystal   

Rings, glassware or just about anything from Swarovski, are just some options to celebrate your 15th year!

20th Year: China  

Whether it be an antique tea-set or a trip to China, use this traditional gift guide to your advantage!

25th Year: Silver  

When you think of silver, you most definitely think of sparkle! So sparkle your husband or wife up with a 25th year anniversary ring!

30th Year: Pearl  

Pearl necklaces tend to be the most common 30th year anniversary gift, however, think outside the box this year and taste and romance of the finest oysters from the from the purest Australian waters at Australia’s Oyster Coast!

35th Year: Coral  

Coral can be tricky, but why not go reef snorkeling with your lover and visit somewhere beautiful like the Great Barrier Reef? Otherwise, some coral-coloured jewellery will always tick the box.

40th Year: Ruby  

Spoil your partner with a ruby for your 40th anniversary. If rubies aren’t an option, anything red will work well too!

45th Year: Sapphire  

Sapphire jewellery is the perfect gift for this year. Otherwise, you can get creative and head down to the Sapphire Coast in New South Wales for a romantic trip with your loved one.

50th Year: Gold  

This one is pretty straight forward, and so it should be after 50 years of marriage! Sweep your partner off their feet with some gold jewellery, and go that extra mile by having it engraved with a sweet message.

55th Year: Emerald  

Spoil your loved one with a beautiful emerald stone or anything that’s a dazzling green.

60th Year: Diamond  

When you’ve been together for a whopping 60 years, you deserve to go big with your gifts. Diamonds are the traditional option, and one that any girl will love, but let’s get real; it’s not always feasible. Another option that we absolutely love, is to create a time capsule from the wedding day. This can include popular songs, movies, and shows from the day, as well an abundance of pictures.

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Written By Chante El-Zoghbi 

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