So you’ve been dating your Prince Charming for a few years and you’ve ticked all the boxes so far – met the parents, discussed children and seen each other at your best… and worst. You know he’ll be popping the big question soon and he’s probably feeling nervous at the thought of pulling off the perfect proposal for you.

To help the process, there are few things you should be doing before he gets down on one knee, not only to make it easier for him, but also so that you feel as prepared as possible.

1. Mention the Ring

If you have your heart set on a certain type or colour engagement ring, make sure you let your beau know. Nowadays, there are three ways a man can propose – with the engagement ring, with an unset diamond or without any components (and you both design the ring together at a later date). Drop subtle hints or show him photos of rings you like, so that way he feels like he has a clear direction on your personal taste.

2. Discuss Traditions and Permissions

Does he have to get down on bended knee? Should he ask your Father for permission? All of these are proposal traditions and some of us may find them more important than others. Make sure you have a discussion with him about any aspects of the proposal that have religious, cultural or personal significance to you, so that neither of you are disappointed when the moment comes.

3. Don’t Harp On

Although you should be open to discussing the engagement, there’s a fine line between open communication and putting unnecessary pressure on him. If you can remember the last time you dropped a hint on how/when/where he should propose, just leave it. When the timings right, it will happen (we promise!).

4. Practice Your Response

This isn’t something that gets mentioned often, but many brides get so excited when their man proposes, that they forget to respond and just scream! Make sure you know what you want to say (a ‘yes’ is always a good start) and try to find a quiet moment to share with him how you really feel.

5. Get Regular Manis

Once he proposes, you’ll be taking more hand-selfies than a gym junkie has protein shots. Make this an opportunity to visit your nail salon regularly for some pampering and keep your nails and cuticles in ring-ready condition. Exfoliate your hands every few days and opt for a nude or pale pink polish so that any chips or scratches aren’t as noticeable.

6. Invest in Waterproof Mascara

When we asked around the office, this was the number one thing our fairies wished they had thought of! When he pops the question, you’re likely to be overwhelmed with emotion, and tears are, for most of us, a given. Invest in a quality waterproof mascara and start wearing it religiously when you think the moment might be close. That way, you’ll be looking fresh-as-a-daisy in all the post-proposal photographs.

7. Act Surprised

Let’s be real, women can be great at picking the exact day he will propose. We’re generally great at reading our partners and know when they’ve got something big planned; however, never let on that you already knew he was going to pop the question. Always act surprised and try not to hold up your guard – this is an intimate moment, so let your feelings of delight and excitement show.

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