Long before you found your man, you had the other loves of your life – your girlfriends. Your girl squad are closer than sisters and stand by you through drama, laughter and everything in between, so on your Big Day, you’ll want them by your side.

These 15 pics are proof that although they’re your Bridesmaids for a day, they’re your girlfriends forever.

1. They’re Happy to Let You Take the Spotlight

13Image by Aestitica Photography

2.  They’re Always Down to Pose

12Image from Tess and Michael’s wedding. Photography by Grante Merson & Crystal Mitchell Design and photography

3. They’ve Always Got Your Back

11Image from Ben and Lucy’s wedding. Photography by Lost in Love Photography

4. They Know How to Work It

6Image from Mia and Jarred’s wedding. Photography by Julia Winkler

5. They Can Make You Smile (Despite Your Stress)

10Image from Mira and Wissam’s wedding. Photography by  Reymond Yazbeck

6. They’re Always On Hand for Wardrobe Emergencies

9Image from Sivan and Paul’s wedding. Photography by Adonis Kekidakis

7. They’re Super Funny

15Image by Noel Photography

8. They’ll Follow You Wherever You Go

3Image from Ally and Mark’s wedding. Photography by Weddings by Morris 

9.They Give the Best Hugs

5Image from Kate and Josh’s wedding. Photography by Beck Rocchi

10. They Make Such a Good Looking Squad

2Image from Amanda and Anthony’s wedding. Photography by  Image Haus 

11. They’ll Dance the Night Away With You

8Image from Shane and Koby’s wedding. Photography by James Billing 

12. They’ll Pick You Up When You’re Down

4Image from Lisa and Antonio’s wedding. Photography by Imagehaus Weddings 

13. They’ll be the First to Get a Killer Insty Snap for You

7Image from Katherine and Aaron’s wedding. Photography by Inlighten Photography 

14. They’re Happy For You. Always

1Image by Cadence and Eli Photography

15. They’ll Be Almost as Excited to See You as the Groom

14Image by Michelle Scott Photography

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