We understand the feels that Brides go through when planning their Wedding. We understand the struggles more than you may think; here are 17 things that only Brides will understand when it comes to planning their Wedding…

1. Making Wedding decisions that will satisfy both your mother and mother-in-law… it’s a real-life nightmare, but you have to tackle it with a smile on your face.

2. As soon as you start planning, every calorie intake you consume counts. Suddenly, how good you look in that white dress becomes important.

3. Every Wedding you see online catches your attention – you never know what ideas you could snag for your own.

4. You have one (thousand) too many Wedding inspiration screenshots in your camera roll.

2Image from Fiona and Tom’s Wedding. Photography by Steve and Sally Photography.

5. Not a day goes by when you’re not contacting a Wedding vendor – whether it be a florist, makeup artist, hair stylist, Wedding planner…

6. You start to truly appreciate every single cent that you’ve saved in your bank account, because you know the costs that are coming to bite you in the butt.

7. …And you question every single non-Wedding related expense that will take away from your Wedding savings. Are those jeans really worth it?

8. …And the savings for your honeymoon never really leave your mind, either.

9. You’ve accepted the fact that the extravagant dreams you had for your Wedding since you were a little girl will have to remain as dreams. Scratch life-sized ice molds of the Bride and Groom off the list.

10. You’ve had at least one emotional breakdown during this whole planning shebang. Let’s face the facts – this is stressful stuff.

11. No matter how much Wedding planning has consumed your life, it doesn’t sink in that it’s your Wedding you’re planning. You’re getting Married and you don’t get hit with the reality until the morning of the Big Day!

12. It’s actually very hard to include everyone in the Wedding planning. Involving mothers, siblings, friends and the groom’s family is difficult to juggle, and you can’t seem to keep everyone happy.

1Image from Rebecca and Michael’s Wedding. Photography by Nadine Saacks Photography

13. You kiiiiind of forget that it’s a two-person Wedding… Groom, who? Oh, yes. Him…

14. You have no choice but to allocate at least one table to distant relatives that you’re forced to invite to the Wedding – fulfilling those family duties and expectations are unavoidable.

15. You’re completely freaked out at how quickly time is passing and how little time you have left to make everything perfect. One day you have four months to plan, the next… how are there only four weeks left!?

16. You really want to show your fiancé your Wedding dress in progress, but you also really want to keep it a surprise for the Big Day.

17. Deep inside, underneath all the stress, anxiety, fear and insanity, you just wish for the most perfect day to remember with your future husband.

Main image from Candace and Cameron’s Wedding. Photography by Ky Luu

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