8 Places To Hire A Coffee Cart For Your Wedding

It’s International Coffee Day, so you can bet that we’re going to take every opportunity to celebrate our favourite caffeinated drink in full force. We’re seriously planning on sipping on a delicious cappuccino while using a coffee face scrub and dabbing on a coffee flavoured lip balm and eating a bloody good tiramisu. Yes, when we said full force, we really meant it.

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Since coffee is a hit with just about everyone, we thought we’d see if we could find a way to help you bring it to your wedding, or really, any future event.

Believe us when we say it took very little effort to find the most perfect addition to every event. Fairies, we bring to you, drum roll please… coffee carts!

We’ve seen a few weddings here and there dabble in hiring coffee carts, complete with a professional barista, and we thought it was a spectacular idea. What better way to ensure your guests have the energy to dance the entire night away? It’s an adorable addition and you can even go that little extra mile and customise your own cups for a truly personalised event.

We know you love this just as much as we do, so we’ve found a range of coffee carts in Sydney, Queensland and Melbourne that’ll meet all of your coffee needs.




Cover photo by: @coffeecountersydney

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