9 Simple Engagement Rings For The Minimalist Bride

When it comes to certain things in life (mostly chocolate cake and fake eyelashes) bigger is always better. But if you’re a low-key bride on the hunt for an engagement ring, not-so-big bling can be just as beautiful.

Need a little inspo? Here are our favourite simple engagement ring styles for the subtle bride who really does believe that less can be more.


1. The V-Shaped Prong

The pointy prongs of a V-ring make for a sleek silhouette. And are perfect for stacking with other rings, like an anniversary diamond, at a later date.


2. The Open Ring

Designed to delicately wrap around your finger, this simple engagement ring style is equal parts whimsical and directional.



3. The Studded Band

A studded band is a practical way to wear your engagement ring on the daily. Worried this style might be too generic? Chose a stone with meaning. As well as being super stunning, yellow diamonds are the symbol of pure love.


4. Sustainable Style

Ethical brides will love this ring. It’s crafted with 100% recycled yellow gold, and a small but beautiful conflict-free diamond in the centre.



5. The Stacked Set

Avoid the big carat cliché by layering several rings together. This customisable option is great for fashion-forward brides, who can’t decide on “The One” ring.


6. The Black Beauty

Alternative brides need an alternative ring. A dark diamond is less obvious but just as beautiful as a pink one.



7. The Sprinkle of Sparkle

What this stunner lacks in super obvious size it makes up in shine. A delicate smattering of diamonds is perfect for brides whose style is simple and who know that good things can come in small packages.


8. Art Deco Antique

Romantic brides take note: A vintage ring is the perfect way to incorporate “something old” but still beautiful into your wedding day.


9. The Understated Princess Cut

Classic princess cuts in contemporary settings are the perfect option for the modern regal bride.

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