No matter what time of year you’re getting Married in Australia, there are always some beautiful in-season floral options available. Choosing in-season blooms for your Wedding bouquet and styling not only means you get the freshest local flowers, but it will also generally be less expensive than shipping in florals from overseas.

To get you started, here are seven gorgeous blooms that are in-season for July Brides!

1. Cymbidium Orchid

This is a striking, delicate bloom that can come in many different shapes, colours and sizes. From soft pink, pale green and deep red, this works well as a statement flower in a Wedding bouquet.


2. Hyacinth

This small cluster of flowers is renowned for its gorgeous sweet scent and beautiful white, pink, orange, blue or violet colours.


3. Ranunculas

Ranunculas are going to be one of the most popular flower options for Wedding bouquets this season, with their full rounded heads featuring folds upon folds of petals. These blooms come in white, pink, purple and plum, as well as a two-toned look.

ranunculaImage from Entwined Studio

4. Anemone

Anemones are another trending floral inclusion for July Weddings and are renowned for their vibrant colours and velvet texture. They feature a single row of petals around a black centre and can come in red, white, purple, and two-toned.


5. Tulips

Tulips are a timeless, elegant addition to any Bridal bouquet with their long stem and perfectly cupped petals. Whether you opt for traditional rounded petals, or choose the more delicate fringed petals, Tulips are a classic choice.


6. Wattle

The wattle was named as the floral emblem of Australia in 1898 and is a gorgeous, golden addition to a Wedding bouquet. Featuring fuzzy textured spheres and a distinct perfume, wattle works beautifully for a country, Australiana or bohemian Wedding.

wattleImage from royallacebridal.com

7. Sweet Pea

The sweet pea symbolises ‘lasting pleasure’ and has a lolly-like scent paired with ruched blossoms. These are an old-fashioned favourite for Wedding bouquets and come in pink, white and lilac.

sweetpeaImage from sweetvioletbride.com

Main image from Lara and Samuel’s Wedding. Photography by Samuel Goh.

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