We’re calling it; the biggest Wedding trend of 2016 is the modern minimalism Wedding. It’s all about clean lines, sharp silhouettes and contemporary textiles. However, it’s more complicated than just inviting your guests into a bare space and labelling it ‘minimalist’.

Trendy Brides, before you put down the bling and cancel your florist, here are five tips to nailing this year’s modern minimalism Wedding.

1. This Isn’t the Easy Way Out…

Don’t be mistaken; this trend is actually harder to pull-off than OTT Wedding styling. Because your guests won’t be overwhelmed by flowers, candles and knickknacks as far as the eye can see, it means that every styling element you use must be impeccable. Choose wisely and employ the help of a stylist to make sure you’re heading in the right direction – this trend is hard to nail, but once you do, you’ll be the talk of the town!

2. Make a Statement

Start with one show-stopping design piece or element that will take centre stage. With this trend, we recommend using furniture as your statement piece; look for concrete or timber tables, sleek chairs or an unusual lighting feature. Minimalism is all about the texture as opposed to colour, so keep this in mind.

2Image from Helen and Trent’s Wedding. Photography by Image Play.

3. Monochrome

With minimalist Weddings, focus on a monochromatic palette with white and grey as the main tones and black used as an accent. If you want to add in a bit of colour, use it sparingly and try and stick with only one hue – elm green or rose gold works well!


3Image from Adela and Ramzey’s Wedding. Photography by The White Tree.

4. One or the Other

When styling a minimalist Wedding table, opt for either candles or florals – not both! You don’t necessarily need to leave the tables bare for this trend; you can still get the minimalist look by using clusters of the same candle or bunches of the same type of flower.

5. Light it Up

This look is all about creating the appearance of natural lighting; so try and steer clear of fluorescent or blue lights and aim for warmer, softer lights. Don’t assume that you can’t use fairy lights for a minimalist Wedding, just make the fairy lights your ‘statement’ (see tip #2) and pare everything else back.

6. Have a Good Foundation

Before you can start working on the styling, you need to ensure you’ve got the right base – and that’s why choosing a venue is so important. Look for a blank canvas with white walls and natural flooring. Attentively, you can lock in a warehouse space, historic building or Scandinavian-themed venue for something a little different that will still work with the theme. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s spacious, because the minimalist look is all about large, open areas; pick something too small and it will look cramped.

1Images from Valentina Hunsänger | Peaches & Mint Photography | Sally Pinera

Main image from Samantha and Aaron’s Wedding. Photography by Image Haus.



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