7 Fascinating Facts About Princess Mary’s Wedding You Didn’t Know

Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark will celebrate their 13th Wedding anniversary this weekend, and it seems like only yesterday we tuned in to watch the Tassie girl make her way down the aisle to a new world. Caught up in the beauty and excitement of the event, you may have missed some fascinating facts about Princess Mary’s wedding. Here are our favourite facts that flew under the radar during this beautiful royal wedding.

1. Old School Charm

Prince Frederik made a swoon worthy proposal to Mary during a trip to Rome in 2003. But unbeknown to many, he had written a letter to Mary’s father, John Donaldson, asking his permission to marry his daughter beforehand. “I wrote a nice letter to him and made it clear that she was the love of my life and that I wanted to propose to her,” he says in his biography Frederik – Crown Prince of Denmark. “I also made it quite clear that he was not in position to decline. That no matter what he said, I would propose to her.”

2. The Danish Ruby Parure Tiara

First worn after their official engagement announcement, this gorgeous tiara is enriched with history, travelling back two centuries to the extravagant imperial coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte. It was gifted to Mary by Queen Ingrid, and originally belonged to Désirée Clary who was once engaged to Napoleon.

7 Fascinating Facts About Princess Mary’s Wedding You Didn’t know 3

Image via: The Court Jeweller

3. Fit for a Princess

Mary’s wedding tiara, which features little diamond hearts and fleur-de-lis motifs was gifted to her from Fredrik’s parents, Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik of Denmark. Since it was gifted to her and not on loan, the tiara is part of Mary’s personal property. The tiara has a set of removable pearls and can be worn as a necklace. We love!

4. Something Borrowed

Mary’s wedding veil was first worn by Princess Margaret of Denmark. Having died young the veil was used to cover Margaret’s body in her coffin. The veil was then passed down to Queen Ingrid and since then each one of her female decedents has worn it as their bridal veil. Despite not being a direct relation, Mary was still granted the honour of wearing it for her wedding day.

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Image via : Popsugar

5. The Ring was Flagged

Mary’s gorgeous engagement ring features a central emerald-cut diamond, flanked by two ruby baguettes. The ring was supposedly chosen to reflect the colours of the Danish flag.

6. A True Sentiment

Mary had her late mother’s engagement ring sewn into her magnificent Uffe Frank duchess silk gown. She reportedly had it stitched near her heart. A sweet and sentimental touch to a wonderful occasion.

7. Dutch Tradition

Late last year, the royal pair celebrated their Dutch copper wedding anniversary. In Dutch tradition, a couple celebrate three major milestones together: copper anniversary at 12½ years, silver anniversary at 25 years, and gold anniversary at 50 years. The tradition dates back to the 1800s and is marked by having family and friends wake the couple up early in the morning. Check how cute they are in their PJs.

7 Fascinating Facts About Princess Mary’s Wedding You Didn’t know 2

Image by Kongehuset via : Daily Mail UK

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