Leading up the wedding, most brides have a light-bulb moment when they realise they need to overhaul their lifestyle in order to squeeze into their gown, which has generally been ordered two sizes too small.

The biggest mistake brides make is starving themselves in the fortnight leading up to the wedding. Yes, you’ll drop a few kilos, but you’ll also turn into a hungry angry mess.

1. Turn to the Bridal Party

Working out is always more fun when you have a friend. Make a pact with your Maid-of-Honour to eat well and train together in the months leading up to the wedding, send each other motivational text messages and encourage each other to share food diaries. Making yourself accountable to someone increases your chance of success ten-fold.

2. Weigh Up

So many brides make the mistake of ditching the weights in favour of cardio, because they believe that this will lead to the most weight loss. Rookie error, ladies. Using weights burns more fat than cardio and it also increases you metabolism, meaning you’ll continue the fat burn process long after you’ve left the gym. If you’re wearing a strapless gown, the trick for perfect arms is to use smaller weights, but increase your reps.

3. Pilates

There’s a reason why all the Insta-famous startlets are seen taking reformer Pilates classes. This workout is the real deal; it strengthens and tones, making you look and feel longer and leaner. Many a supermodel has credited Pilates with completely changing their body and with the method renowned for improving posture and flexibility, it’s a must-do before you walk down the aisle.1

4. Get Meaty

If you’re trying to lose weight before the wedding, you need to make protein your new best friend. Protein keeps you feeling full and satisfied for longer, meaning you’re less likely to snack on sugary treats. Proteins like red meat, eggs and green veges take longer for your body to process, so it ends up burning calories while you digest!

5. Embrace Science

Most women have issues getting rid of stubborn fat on the hips, thighs and butt and if you’re concerned about this, you must try Hypoxi. Hypoxi is a low-impact exercise that uses vacuums and compression to target specific areas of fat. Generally brides book a course of 18 sessions and start six weeks before the wedding and most girls lose about 20cm from their lower body. This is a real life-saver for brides who are healthy, but can’t drop those final few kilos.

6. Swap Sugars

There’s no excuses for grabbing the mid-afternoon chocolate bar with so many nourishing alternatives made from nuts, dates and coconut oil available. Make it a weekend routine to prepare a batch of cacao bliss balls that are filled with healthy fats (great for the skin!) and whenever you feel your body craving chocolate, reach for one of these delicious treats instead.

7. Banish Bloat

In the two-weeks leading up to the wedding, start cutting out on foods that cause bloating like dairy and wheat and replace them with meals that are fibre-rich. There’s nothing worse than feeling puffy and gassy on the big day.

*Originally published on Sporteluxe.com

Main image from The Upside.

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