6 ways to tell your guests that your Wedding is a smartphone-free zone

In this social media age where smartphones are considered to be an extension of our arm, you and your hubby-to-be are forgiven for thinking that keeping your Wedding day offline is crazy.

But, after paying your professional photographer thousands of dollars to document your Happily Ever After, we bet you have both now realised the importance of keeping part-time documentarians (a.k.a. your guests) at bay on your special day.

After all, the last thing you want to see in your photo album is your guests’ photobombing your professional snaps with images of them being glued to their screens, taking selfies or scrolling through their social media feeds.

So, in a bid to avoid your guests wreaking havoc on your professional Wedding photography, we have compiled six of the best tips to ensure that you have the smartphone-free Wedding of your dreams without looking like the world’s most controlling couple:

1. Decide On How Smartphone-Free You Want To Be

Do you want everyone to switch their smartphones off completely? Are you okay with people posting to social media during the Wedding ceremony? Would you like guests to stay off their smartphones for specific moments of the Wedding like as you walk down the aisle or during your first dance? Grab your hubby-to-be and choose what level of smartphone-free is right for you.

2. Let Your Guests Know Ahead Of Time

If you intend to have a smartphone-free Wedding, it is best to inform your guests ahead of time to ensure that your dream Wedding gets off to the best start. You can do this reasonably through your invitations, a Wedding website or simply through word of mouth. This way guests know exactly what they are signing up for and are fully prepared for what a smartphone-free Wedding means.

3. Have A Little Sign Leading Into The Place Of Your Wedding Ceremony And Reception

As guests enter the place of your Wedding ceremony or reception, have a small sign which reminds them of your wishes in relation to smartphone use. Remember that you will need your MC or wedding official to enforce this sign though.


4. Appoint A Guest to Enforce Your Smartphone-Free Zone

Like schoolgirls who are banned from using mobile phones at school, never underestimate your guests’ addiction to social media. Appoint a guest with good people skills to enforce your smartphone-free zone (politely).

5. Set Up A Photo Booth

By setting up a photo booth at your Wedding, you will provide guests with an opportunity to take photos without having to resort to smartphone selfies. Hint: the less smartphone flashes you have, the better your professional Wedding photos will be.

6. Realise That Some of The Best Snaps Come From Guests

Despite the fact that smartphones do get in the way of professional Wedding photography, remember that abolishing them from your Wedding may rid you and your other half of some of the most candid shots of the day. Choose wisely.


Main image from Annie and Kazuma’s Wedding. Photography by Kreativ Wedding.

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