Why this Bride is suing her Wedding videographer

A San Francisco newlywed is suing her wedding videographer for capturing the most humiliating moment of her Big Day — and then uploading the clip to YouTube for the world to see.

The Bride, who is choosing to go by the name Jane Doe  is taking her wedding videographer to court after the footage of her drunk Groom went viral, accumulating over two million views. The clip features a Big Day disaster for the books — the Groom sloppily trying to remove his bride’s garter while heavily intoxicated and continuously falling on top of his new wife, eventually leaving her in tears.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for “intentional infliction of emotional distress” from the videographer, according to NBC.

The videography company at the centre of the law suit released a statement reading, “In our 12 year history of capturing, editing and delivering thousands of wedding photos and videos we have never experienced anything like this”.

“We are very disappointed and upset by this situation and we have spent considerable time removing our video from the internet.”

We wonder what the outcome will be – stay tuned!


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