Organising your own wedding is stressful. Even if you’ve got the A-Team of wedding planning, a maid-of-honour who kicks butt better than a Charlie’s Angel and a groom who’s hunkier than Channing Tatum, you’re still bound to have a few panicky moments.

To make your life easier and help put a stop to any premature grey hairs and frown lines, here are some  easy-to-avoid mistakes.

1. Contracts

For all of us brides who aren’t fully-qualified lawyers, contracts are tricky business. When planning your wedding, make sure you get everything in writing and follow up  every phone call with an email detailing anything that’s been agreed to.


Image from Anh and Kim’s wedding. Photography by Ben Adams.

2. Budgets

You know that budget you and Channing (ahem, I mean your fiancé), put together? Prepare for it to be blown. When you’re building a house, the experts always say to put a 10% buffer in; I recommend for your wedding, you do the same. I mean you’re building a marriage and what could be more important than that?


Image from Dani and Nathan’s wedding. Photography by Wedding Soul Story.

3. Family Politics

Unless you’re eloping, it’s likely you’ll have family members involved in some aspect of the wedding planning and when there’s family involved, there’s going to be some BIG personalities. Whether there’s a minor disagreement over if second cousin Bob can bring his new girlfriend or an argument about which table your brother’s ex-wife should sit at, just stay calm and remember – it’s all about you (not them)!


Image from Jessica and Steven’s wedding. Photography by Istyle Photography.

4. Nit Pick

No matter how hard you plan, it’s inevitable that there will be a small detail overlooked. When this happens, just take another sip of champagne and be thankful that at least you look hot.


Image from Kirsty and Sam’s wedding. Photography by Doux Wedding Corp.

5. Poor Service

The dress is perfect, the shoes are to-die-for and the cake is divine (you know, because you sneakily tasted some of the icing as soon as it arrived), but the service providers can’t always be relied upon. To avoid a potential disaster, book suppliers who come highly recommended.

Main image from Sheri and Rakesh’s wedding. Photography by Michal Kriesch.

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