Whether you use it for business or for pleasure, everyone wants a higher following on social media. The more followers, the better networking, outreach and engagement you have – let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be insta-famous?

This week, Wedded Wonderland’s Director, Wendy El-Khoury ran the first in a series of social media masterclasses and I found out five simple ways to increase your social media following by next week.

1. Play Tag

It should be obvious, but it’s the easiest and most overlooked way to get a new follower. Find other businesses/people on social media that resonate with you and repost and tag their images. This shows them you appreciate what they’re offering and oftentimes, they’ll return the favour and repost one of your pics to their audience.


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2. Get Snapping

Be picky with what you upload. Images are a great way to get ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, but it has to be the right pic. For Instagram, make sure you fill the square, so no messy white borders or large amounts of unused space. Experiment with flatlays; plain backgrounds work best for these, and try and incorporate a number of products/elements like florals, candles, and cupcakes. If you’re using other businesses’ product, make sure you tag them!


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3. Be Consistent

Give yourself a challenge to upload at least two posts or photos on social media each day. This will keep you and your brand front of mind to your followers and increase your chances of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, but it will sldo give you insight into what does and doesn’t work.


4. Know Your Followers

Spend 10-minutes going through your list of followers and gauging what they’re like. What’s their demographic? What are their interests? Are they male or female? This will help determine what they’ll be interested in and show you what type of posts will get their attention.


5. Find a Peak

Once you know who’s following you, find out when the peak time to post is. Peak time is the time that gets the most engagement on whatever social media platform you’re using. Generally for corporates it’s 7-9am and then 6-9pm (before and after work hours). Make sure you post during this time, as this will get you the most interaction!

The Wedded Wonderland Social Media Seminar was held on August 4. To be part of the next seminar, keep watching the Wedded Wonderland homepage for updates.

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