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Just like you need a diverse group of friends, every bride needs a team of Bridesmaids with different talents.

Here are the five types of ‘maids every girl needs. Which one are you?

1. The Hustler

This bridesmaid is the one who knows how to pull the strings. She’s a total go-getter and usually has a career in law, sales or any other job that requires serious negotiation. The Hustler bridesmaid will get you the venue you want, even if it is booked out. She’ll also probably get it at a discount.a

2. The Naughty One

This ‘maid is cheeky, a risk-taker and a whole lot of fun. She’s the one who’ll organise the Hen’s night to finish at 5am, sneak you out of work during lunch for manicures and bring the vodka and red frogs to your house the morning of the wedding.c

3. The Sweetheart

The Sweetheart is always the first one you call when you’re having a mini-meltdown. Calm and kind, she listens when you need to talk and she’s your biggest cheerleader.d

4. The Wise One

Everyone needs at least one bestie who is wise beyond her years. This girl is mellow, down-to-earth and straight to the point, but she also provides the best unbiased advice around. She may not be the most sympathetic, but she’s definitely the one you’d turn to when you have a problem you need to fix.f

5. The ‘Been There, Done That’ Girl

This bridesmaid is usually the Maid of Honour, because she’s always one step ahead of you in life. She’s married, got babies and is the ultimate guinea pig of the group – you learn from her mistakes and try and duplicate her successes in relationships, work and life.e

All images from illustrator, Aaron Favaloro

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