Choosing your wedding party is stressful, especially if you’re stuck choosing between a huge group friends! To help you get through this we’ve put together some questions to ask yourself and your potential party members. In this case, a ‘no’ means ‘bye’!

1. Are we really friends?

Before you answer this too quickly, make sure sit down and think about. Is this person here for you through thick and thin? Have you ever caught up with this person one on one (as opposed to on group dates)? If there is someone else holding your friendship together then they’re not the bridesmaid for you.


2. Has she got what it takes to be a bridesmaid?

Being a bridesmaid means you’ll do nearly anything for your bride. Whether it be driving her to bridal expos, or dress shopping on your one day off. There is a lot of commitment that goes with the title of bridesmaid, both with time and with money. If you know your friend won’t commit in one way or the other, then someone else will.

3. Does she like the groom?

It may seem a silly question to some, but it’s a critical one when it comes to the bridal party. There is a lot of excitement, love and energy that goes into the bridal party on the big day, and if there are some bad vibes coming off one of your bridesmaids to the groom, the whole group will feel it. If she doesn’t like the groom, then it’s time to grab a friend who does!

4. Is she willing to don a dress of my choosing?

There’s nothing worse than a bridesmaid who complains about the bridesmaid dresses behind the brides back. If she’s not willing to wear whatever you choose (because we all know what great taste you have!), then she’s not the right person for the role.

5. Is she reliable?

We all have that great best friend who is always on time and never lets you down. If your girlfriend continually misses your birthday, forgets to RSVP to dinner and is late to your engagement soiree she’s not going to be a great  bridesmaid.2

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