Getting the perfect suit for your Groom is almost as important as getting your dream Wedding gown (almost, but not quite… right!?) and it’s unfortunately not as simple as just picking a shade of black or grey.

So, we spoke with the team at Calibre menswear to get the five things that Brides need to tell their Groom before the big suit is purchased for the Big Day!

1. Don’t Underestimate Fit

The likelihood that your Groom will fit into an off-the-rack suit perfectly is slim to none, so make sure you emphasise how important it is for him to get it tailored. If you think that he probably won’t be interested in taking his newly-bought suit to a tailor, look for a men’s boutique that offers in-house alterations – that way, there are no excuses!


2. Focus on Accessories

Just like a Bride purchasing her earrings, shoes and veil, a Groom needs to make sure he has the right accessories to complete his Wedding Day look. If he isn’t naturally fashion-forward, suggest he visit a Calibre showroom where he’ll have his own personal stylist pull together the entire outfit (including accessories) for him!

3. You Need to Love It

If he doesn’t feel like a million dollars in his Groom’s suit, it’s not the right one. You want your man to be confident and comfortable in his outfit on the Big Day and encourage him to find a style that suits his personal taste.


4. You Can Get Spoilt Too

When Brides make an appointment for their Wedding Gowns, they’ve always been given the celebrity-treatment – from champagne and chocolates, to lush lounges and personal service. Now it’s the Groom’s turn to be spoilt. Book him an appointment at a store that offers a fitting complete with boutique beers for him and his Groomsmen.

5. Let’s Coordinate

The Groom’s suit should be coordinated with the Bridal gown, so if you’re having a princess-cut dress with a huge train, you’ll want your man in a tuxedo (and not a lounge suit). We recommend chatting with your main man about the dress code, look and feel of the Wedding and agree on a vague suit-style; then, let him choose everything else about it (so he gets to inject some of his personality into it)!

3Calibre is one of Australia’s most respected men’s fashion brands, renowned for its contemporary, perfectly-tailored and aspirational garments. The Calibre stores offer the ultimate Groom’s fitting experience, including a personal stylist, relaxed atmosphere and boutique beers. To book an appointment email [email protected] or see instore for further details.

Main image from Living Light Photography. Images sourced from FOTOJOJO and Calibre.com.au

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