5 things you need to know if your sister is your bridesmaid

Ahhh, sisters; they’re the best friend you can’t get rid of, the one you can fight with, but still love immeasurably and the owner of your second wardrobe (which you constantly ‘borrow’ from and forget to return).

So, it’s no surprise you’ll be asking your sister to be your bridesmaid.

However, if you are having your sister as a member of your bridal party, there are a few things you should be prepared for first…

1. She’ll Tell You the Truth, Even When You Don’t Want to Hear It

There’s one thing you can be sure of, your sister won’t hold back when it comes to speaking the truth. Booked a sub-par photographer? She’ll let you know. She doesn’t like the colour your makeup artist chose for your lipstick? She’ll make it know. Let’s be honest; this can be a blessing and a curse.

2. She’ll Have Strong Opinions About her Bridesmaid Dress

OK, time to get real; your sister will probably be a little difficult to please when it comes to approving her bridesmaid dress. She’ll be the harshest critique and won’t be afraid to let you know when she’s not happy.

3. She’ll be Your Voice

If you find other family members meddling in the planning of your wedding, you can rely on your sister to put them in their place. The best part about sisters is that they’ll be your voice when you’re too timid (or simply don’t want to offend) others.

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4. She Won’t Judge

She’s known you longer and better than any other members of your bridal party, so you can rest assured that no matter how many breakdowns and bridezilla moments you have, she’ll always forgive you and help you move on.

5. She’ll be Your Go-To

Got an important wedding task that you can’t trust anyone else with? Your sister will be more than happy to help. Need someone to accompany you to the endless appointments with wedding suppliers? Ask your sister. She’ll be your right-hand man (*cough woman) throughout the planning process and will have your back, always.

sister is your bridesmaid, asking sister to be bridesmaid, sister bridesmaid need to knowImages from Danielle and Andrew’s wedding. Photography by Image Frenzy.

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