5 Things Meghan Markle Has Done That Make Her A Totally Modern Royal

Meghan Markle really shook things up from the moment she entered the royal family. As an American mixed-race divorcee, she was not someone the British monarchy would have ever imagined would join their ranks. Just take a look at Wallis Simpson. Being the true love of the King of England meant nothing when she had two divorces under her belt, so you can see why Meghan’s acceptance was such a big deal.

In the short time that Meghan has entered royal life, we’ve already been able to see that she is clearly no ordinary princess.

Here are 5 times Meghan Markle rewrote the royal rules since marrying Prince Harry.


1. PDAs

We all know that royals aren’t supposed to show any public displays of affection, including something as minute as holding hands, but our girl Meghan clearly does not care. Harry and Meghan have repeatedly been pictured holding hands, and have even shared a sneaky kiss.


2. Sharing Political Opinions

Ok, so of all the rules Meghan has broken, this one is our absolute favourite. Royals aren’t exactly supposed to have an opinion on any political matter, at all. Period. But of course, we can count on Meghan to absolutely shatter that ridiculously archaic idea. Before she tied the knot, Meghan was already very outspoken about many feminist issues, and now as a Duchess, she certainly hasn’t stopped.

During the Royal Foundation Forum, Meghan shared her opinions on female empowerment, and while at a garden party in Dublin, she was heard expressing her pro-choice opinions concerning abortion. Yes, Queen!


3. Ditching Fashion Protocol

Royal women are not supposed to show any cleavage, wear off-the shoulder pieces, or any revealing outfits in general, and yep, Meghan has certainly done just that. In one of her first few royal outings, Meghan wore a stunning off-the-shoulder dress (which has been our favourite look thank you very much). There were people in an uproar, because how dare a royal woman show that much skin. Ugh, please.

Some other notable mentions include her engagement announcement, where Meghan didn’t wear pantyhose,which is apparently an absolute must, and more recently, where she wore a blazer dress that sat above the knee. Shocking right?


4. Giving Autographs

Yet another thing royals can’t do is give autographs, hugs, or take selfies. We honestly can’t understand why not, but we digress.

Meghan has done all three apparently, because you know what? She isn’t as vanilla as some other people in the royal family.


5. Wedding

Ah, the royal wedding. Honestly, you’d be hard-pressed to find something about this wedding that didn’t absolutely shatter royal conventions. From walking herself halfway down the aisle in a totally empowering move, to giving her own speech, Meghan gave her wedding her all. It was an incredible moment in history and for very, very good reasons.


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Written by Hanan Merheb

Cover photo by: Getty Images


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