5 Things Brides Only Realise After The Wedding

The wedding planning experience is a melting pot of emotions. Whether you’re passionately writing your own vows or crying over the wrong shade of pink, it is an all-consuming roller coaster. Any bride & co. will attest to the amount of time, detail and money that goes into executing the perfect day.

Amidst all the whirlwind and adrenaline that is a wedding, we’re helping you reflect on the things brides only realise post the biggest event of your life… aka the Big Day.

Swollen Fingers

Fact: Stress, heat and nervousness all cause finger swelling! So don’t panic mid-ceremony when the ring that slid on perfectly last week requires some shoving after saying your vows. So take a breath and have a laugh in case you’re experiencing some serious ring struggles.

Enjoy The Food

We’ve heard this one from a lot of couples! They actually do have time to eat, but all the wedding feels means they don’t have the appetite to stomach all the delicious food. When you’ve worked hard to curate a wedding menu and chosen the perfect cake, you should be able to enjoy it with your guests. Yep, literally have the cake and eat it too.

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The Little Things

Trust us, you totally won’t care about all the finer details – no, really. It’s not because you didn’t care about the exact position each place-card should be in and the 14 candles that should be on each table enough before, but rather, when you’re in the moment, nothing matters more than celebrating the day with your loved ones. We know best.

The Honeymoon Is Costly Too

Thought the money was done leaving your account once the wedding was over? Ha! Think again, Fairies. Deposit payments to complete. Wedding dress dry-cleaning. Thank You cards postage. And the honeymoon is just as costly. Whether your getaway is in the Maldives, Santorini or Europe, it’s important to factor in all the expenses. Ain’t no privy purse here.

The Journey Has Just Started

Once you’re back home from your perfect wedding + honeymoon experience, your back-to-work days will feel quite anti-climatic. There’s no more pics to pin, cake to test, dress fittings to attend … and so you will find you have quite the spare time. And this is where the marriage journey really begins. Forget your emotional wedding day speeches and romantic holiday pictures; it’s time for who’s turn it is to take out the trash.

Written by Shaymah Alkhair 

Feature image by @ntarasioannis

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