5 Rules of picking your Bridal Party posse

Choosing your Bridal Party can seem almost as stressful as planning the Wedding; you’ll be sifting through family and friends and trying to decide who the most important people in your life are, all while trying not to upset anyone!

There are so many things to consider and so many questions to ask yourself, but how do you know you’re making the right decision?

Following these 5 commandments will help you and your fiancé pick the ultimate Bridal Party squad to suit you.


1. Be Sure

It can be tempting to have all of your closets friends and family stand beside you on your special day but, it’s important to be certain before you ask. If you’re on the fence about a person it might help to write a list of the reasons you want them in your Bridal Party. This will allow you to decide who best suits you and your needs. Remember once you ask there is no going back!

2. Don’t Ask Someone Just Because They Asked You

Not all of us have lived the ‘27 dresses’ nightmare, but for you Fairies who’ve been in multiple Bridal parties, don’t feel you must  return the favor. Although the girls might be some of your close friends and family, if you don’t feel comfortable having them as a part of your posse, you shouldn’t feel pressured. Remember, if they really love you, they’ll understand that you haven’t asked them!

3. Think of the Whole Bridal Party Dynamic

Considering how the whole Bridal party will work as a group is important. The Bridal party plays a huge role in setting the atmosphere on the day, not only for you and your future Hubby, but for the guests. You want to bring together a posse that is positive, reliable and fun!


4. Have a Good Wedding to Bridal Party Ratio

Traditionally Brides and Grooms have the same amount of Bridesmaids as they do Groomsmen, however this will vary depending on the size of Wedding, cultural traditions and the couple’s personal preference. Although there are no hard and fast rules, we recommend considering the amount of guests you’ll have at the Wedding when you choose how many in your Bridal Party. For example, if you’re having a Wedding of 40 guests and a Bridal Party of 12 Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, it may seem a little out of proportion!

5. Discuss your Choices with Your Partner

It is important that the two of you know each other’s choices, and are comfortable with them, after all you will be sharing a huge chunk of your special day with the Bridal Party! The people you both choose may be in your life as a part of your marriage for years following the Wedding, so choosing people you are content having in your lives for a long period of time is essential.


Images from Marijana and Michael’s Wedding. Photography by Image Haus Weddings.


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