5 reasons you’re allowed to skip the Wedding ceremony and just go to the reception

Skipping the ceremony and just attending the reception is seen as a serious taboo at most Weddings, but sometimes there are valid reasons as to why you might not be able to make it to see the vows. In some cultures, it’s actually the norm to be fashionably late for the Big Day and only show-up to the reception (aka party time!!), however, if your reasons aren’t cultural and aren’t on this list, we strongly advise to make an appearance at both.

1. The Distance

Travelling can take the life out of you, especially when you’re travelling to two different venues that might not even be close to you! So, if you’re having to travel two hours to get to the ceremony and then wait another four hours for the reception, it doesn’t make sense for you to go back home. If it’s too much to sit around between the ceremony and reception, we suggest talking to the Bride and Groom and see how they feel about your skipping the ceremony.

2. The Kids

Often, children under the age of 16 aren’t invited to the Wedding; it’s totally understandable, but if you have children, you’re now having to look for a babysitter who can care for the kids for up to 12 hours! If you can’t find a babysitter who can mind the bubs for the whole time, or you’re not comfortable leaving your kids for that long, you might need to only attend the reception. Once again, talk to the Bride and the Groom and let them know your dilemma – they probably won’t have an issue with your skipping the ceremony.


3. Work Commitments

If you’re working in retail, a real estate agent or have a job that you simply can’t get out of on the Wedding Day, it might not be possible to make it to an early ceremony. Inform the Bride and Groom and ask them if they’d mind you coming to the reception, but skipping the ceremony.

4. Two Weddings, One Day

Sometimes, after months of not one single Wedding, you end up being invited to two Weddings on the same day. If you encounter this predicament, maybe the best option is to go to the ceremony of one and the reception of another. Talk to the couples and let them know your plans so you don’t accidently offend!

5. Religious Reasons

If you don’t feel comfortable attending the ceremony for religious reasons, then just be honest with the Bride and Groom. It doesn’t matter what faith you believe in, if you’re uncomfortable about the location or type of ceremony the couple are having, just talk to the couple – they’ll probably be very understanding!


Images from Xenia’s Wedding. Photography by Gavin O’Neill Photography.

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