The 7 deadly signs you’re a Bridezilla

Planning a Wedding is stressful task; not only do you have to organise everything from your Wedding gown, to the menu, to the flowers, ceremony and run-sheet, but you’re expected to look like a supermodel (or at the very least a hot Instagram model!).

Regardless of the stress, you do not have permission to turn into a fire-breathing Bridezilla! Worried you might be letting your inner Bridezilla get the best of you? Here, are the seven deadly signs that you need to cool it ASAP!

1. Budget? What Budget?

You and your fiancé had a budget that you wanted to stick too, but that went right out the window! Sometimes (editor’s note: always) unexpected costs creep up when you’re planning your Big Day, leaving you to cut costs elsewhere. However if you’re not willing to even consider trying to save money elsewhere and demanding your other half (or parents) just come up with the extra $$$, it’s a sign that a Bridezilla is starting to form!


2. 24/7 PMS-ing

Before you started planning your Wedding, PMS and moodiness hit you once a month, which is totally acceptable! But now your PMS is so bad that your fiancé and family are tip-toeing around you ALL THE TIME. Keep the moods to a minimum by focusing on the Marriage, not the Wedding – remember, you need your loved ones forever, the Wedding is only for one day.

3. It’s All You Talk About

Planning a wedding is such an exciting thing and it’s only natural to want to talk about it… BUT, if all you ever talk about is how your menu, music choices, venue styling and Wedding gown is going, you’re friends are going to get annoyed. If you find yourself falling into the Bridezilla trap of constant Wedding chatter, make a conscious effort to let your friends do the talking.

4. Your Fiancé Can’t Wait for it to be Over

Usually your future hubby is the one who makes everything better, a shoulder to lean on when minor things aren’t going to plan. So if your fiancé is stressing out and looks like he is about to vomit every time you say the ‘W’ word, then you need to haul the brakes and take a look at why he’s so stressed.

5. Your Maid-of-Honour is Scared

Your MOH should be able to tell you when you’re wrong – That’s kind of their job! But, if even your Maid-of-Honour can’t tell you the truth because she’s scared of your Bridezilla-style explosion, you need to sort yourself out, girl!

6. No One’s Picking Up

Your friends, family, Wedding planner, cake-maker and occasionally your fiancé don’t want to answer your calls. So, if they stop responding to daily (or thrice daily) emails, text messages and phone calls, you might need to take a step back. Although you might feel like the Wedding is your life right now, you’ve got to understand other people have other priorities. Relax a bit and stick to one phone call and a follow-up email when dealing with suppliers!

7. Your Bridesmaids Have Quit

You and your Bridesmaids have been BFFs forever!  They have been with you through your ups and downs and they were so excited be part of your Bridal party. But now they want out… Why? Because you’re making them go on wacky detox diets, told them to change their hair colour and made them wear an over-priced gown they can’t afford. So, before you lose the people that love and adore you the most, keep them in mind when making decisions that will affect them!


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