We all know they’re man’s best friend, but if you’re inviting your pooch to be part of your wedding, make sure you don’t make these mistakes.

1. No Pets Allowed

Make sure the location you are having your wedding or reception at is pet-friendly. Turning up on the day with your pooch and clashing with the venue manager isn’t a good start to the wedding!


2. Allergies

Unfortunately there are some poor souls out there who are allergic to dogs so you should make mention that your furry friend will be present at your wedding. They’ll need to take necessary precautions if they are going to come on the day, so its better to let them know!


3. Crowd Friendly

As much as you would love to have your dog in your wedding, you have to figure out whether your dog is going to be able to handle it. Weddings are big, loud and crazy and if your pup isn’t too good when surrounded by a group of strangers, imagine a wedding! Don’t jump to include them unless you know they’ll be okay with it.


4. Practice Makes Paw-fect

Think your dog knows every command in the book? That’s all well and good when your at home, but when surrounded by a big group of people in an unknown environment, that can change! To stop your pooch from running with the rings (or the cake), rehearse the wedding and the part you want your pooch to play as much as possible!


5. Their Needs

Just like humans, dogs need food and water. When you’re caught up in the hype of the wedding their needs can be forgot. To prevent your dog from eating the wedding cake, snatching food off tables and getting tipsy, designate someone to be the dog handler for the amount of time they are involved!

All images from Pug Rescue & Adoption Vic.

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