Pets are to bachelorettes what children are to wifeys. EVERYTHING. So, if you can’t stand to walk down the aisle without your furry best friend, we’ve put together some fun ways to make them an integral part of the wedding, without it getting corny.

1. News Breaker

Struggling to find the best way to announce your impending nuptials? Why not sling a cute board around your dogs neck and send social media into a flurry of excitement and cuteness!


Image from imagine-events.ca

2. Ring Bearer

This isn’t for the untrained though, make sure your dog either has someone on the end of the leash or is trained enough not to run off with the rings. Slip the ring onto a ribbon, tie it around your dogs neck and have them walk down the aisle to meet you both!


Image from thecelebrationsociety.com

3. Assistant Flower Girl

Choosing a flower girl can be hard, and picking one over another can be difficult. If you want to avoid the decision your beloved pet can be your answer! Dress them up, pop a flower wreath on their head and have a bundle of cuteness meet you at the end of the aisle.


Image from daveshannonmusic.com

4. Best Hound/Hound of Honour

Like the former, making tough decisions about who is what can be difficult. Instead of choosing one person over the other, let your other best friend be there by your side on the day. Dress them up in a bow tie or a cute dress and you’ll have adorable photos to match!


Image from eventpros-la.com

5. Hound of the Bride

If you have no one able to walk you down the aisle on your big day, your dog can easily step up and be there by your side. Dress them up, let them walk YOU down the aisle and they’ll be one proud pooch.


Image from weddingish.com

Main image from Brittany and  Justin’s wedding. Photography by White Fashion Photographer.

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