How To Host The Perfect Hens Party

So, you’re in charge of your best girl’s hens party. No pressure!

Trying to get things organised, make everyone happy (most importantly, the bride-to-be), and ensuring that no embarrassing mishaps occur might seem a little overwhelming, so we’ve thrown together all the basics to make you look like a pro.

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Get organised

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that everything runs smoothly on the day (this is your best girl after all), just be sure not to turn into a crazed bridesmaidzilla. You’ll be in charge of making sure anywhere between 5 and 50 women are going to have a great time, so start planning and booking from months in advance. Need a holiday house? Give yourself at least six months. Booking transport? Make a list of different companies and find out their rates before choosing one. Keep everything you need in a diary or planner so you can keep tabs on the night’s events.

Personalise The Night

When the bulk of things is out of the way, add some personalised finishing touches to make it the night all the more special. Childhood photos, specialised decor, a theme around her favourite movie, or even something as simple as playing her favourite song at the right moment – she’ll love you for it and it’ll make for a memorable night.

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Find Out Who She Wants And Doesn’t Want There

We know, we know – you want to take away the stress of party planning from your bride, and you also want to surprise her (see below!). But do you really think she’ll enjoy seeing her second cousin who she had a falling out with a year ago on her hens night? Spare yourself the awkward drama and run the guest list by her.

Don’t Embarrass The Bride

Hollywood still thinks that every hens night involves male strippers and penis-shaped party favours, but if you ask the women around you, you’ll find that most would agree that these clichés are well-worn and, well, tacky. If your bride is the kind of person who prefers a fancy dinner over a stripper’s half-naked body in her face, cancel Fabio and book a high-end restaurant. She’ll be thankful after she sees you’ve also invited her grandmother.

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Keep Some Surprises

After you’ve avoided a possible battlefield situation with the guest list, it’s okay to leave a few details as a surprise. As you surely know your bride better than most, make a list of some of her favourite things and see how many of those things you can organise. You might tell her that her favourite place was booked out, but surprise her on the night when you pull up in front.

Don’t Blow Your Budget

While you’re organising the plans in the months leading up, keep an eye on the budget. As you’ll have a broad range of guests, not all of them may be able to fork up the same amount of money as others, and you don’t want to be left out of pocket trying to finance the whole party. Set yourself a budget, look around for competitive prices, and make sure everyone invited is aware of – and able to meet – the set amount.

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Don’t Leave Anyone Out

Not everyone on the guest list will be from your immediate friendship or family group, so it can be easy to unintentionally leave out a few solo invitees. Make sure to introduce yourself to each guest when they arrive so they don’t feel left out. Games and group photos are also a good way of getting people to socialise with each other, so make sure you’ve got some planned.

Get Creative With The Nibblies

If you’ve decided (read: consulted with the bride) to have the hens night at home, it’s a great excuse to exercise some creativity in the kitchen. While you may decide to get the night catered, that doesn’t mean you can’t try to make something yourself. Try chocolate-dipped fruits (and have fun with the sprinkles), colourful cocktails, or a rosé jelly cake.

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As much as you may like it, you can’t organise a hens party all alone. Team up with your fellow bridesmaids or the bride’s family to complete separate tasks – after all, many hands make light work. Include this in your planning so everyone is aware of what they need to do and it’ll be smooth sailing from there (we can’t be held accountable for unexpected hiccups).

Have A Survival Kit Ready

Let’s be real – at least one of you will have a few too many wines or shots. Get creative and put together a fun little survival kit just in case your bride needs a little pick me up throughout the night. Makeup wipes, bobby pins, Advil, deodorant, lipstick, and even sunglasses (to hide those hangover eyes). If you’ve stuck to your planner, organise mini survival kits for your guests too. They’ll love the party favour (and it might be handy later on).

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