34 Things To Do With Your Boyfriend To Test Whether He’s The One

We all have our own ‘deal breakers’ and there are some things you need to know about your partner before you say ‘I Do’. Here are 34 things you must experience with your other half to make sure he’s the one.

1. Requesting your partner purchase a gift for a wedding or birthday – This tests his ability and consideration.

2. Run an hour late for something – This tests his patience.

3. Attend a dress up party with your partner- This tests his fun-loving nature.

4. Request my partner pick-up a friend of yours who’s in trouble at an inconvenient time – This tests his loyalty.

5. Introduce your partner to ALL of your friends – This tests his ability to impress and converse.

6. Take a holiday with your partner (without other family or friends) – This tests his patience, his ability to interact with strangers and how he likes to spend his time away- restaurants, bars, hotels etc.

1Image from Mia and Jarred’s wedding. Photography by Julia Winkler 

7. Request a really expensive (but obviously not outrageously so) present for your birthday- This tests his ability to spoil you occasionally.

8. Accidentally miss five of his calls and await the reaction/response- This tests his nature and how he reacts when annoyed.

9. Outwardly disagree with your partner in a public place – This tests his conversational skills, wit, humour and ability to problem solve.

10. Attend an occasion that goes past midnight – This tests whether he can let loose and have a good time.

11. Ask your partner to run some errands for you – This is something that he’ll have to do when you married and tests his ability to respond.

12. Host an event with your partner – This tests whether he can be a good host and whether he knows how to entertain.

13. Ask your partner to cook dinner – This tests whether he’s a good cook and whether he’s willing to help in the kitchen.

14. Ask your partner to surprise you… and mean it – Does he really know what you like?

15. Ask your partner to wine and dine you for a celebration – This tests whether he knows how to spoil you.

2Image from Jasmina and Noah’s wedding. Photography by Thierry Joubert.

16. Ask your partner to do something “super girly” for you – Can he get in touch with his feminine side and understand what you love?

17. Ask him to babysit with you – This tests how he is around children.

18. Get stuck in traffic for delayed periods of time – What’s his patience like?

19. Take away your partner’s phone for a day – See how he interacts without technology.

20. Discover if your partner is interested in “putting you down” or gossiping about you to others through the friend/family test – Does he have your back?

21. Attend concerts, comedy shows or movies that you love with you partner – Do you have similar interests?

22. Shop for over three hours with your partner – Can he assist you? Is he patient?

23. Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with your partner – What are his traditions and how does he celebrate?

4Image from Elizabeth and Anthony’s wedding. Photography by Studio Impressions.

24. Go for a workout with your partner – Does he share gym equipment? Does he encourage you? Is he a show-off?

25. Ask your partner to buy you an outfit – Does he have a clue?

26. Ask your partner to do something for your Mother – How much does he love your family?

27. Request your partner attend a family occasion that you cannot be present at – Can he represent you and is he able and willing?

28. Diet with your partner – Can he eat healthy? Does he have balance? Does he get hangry?

29. Attend different types of events that require different dress codes – This tests whether your boyfie understands dress codes and whether he respects them.

30. Go to a club with your partner – Is he a gentleman? Can he befriend strangers? How does he hold his alcohol? How does he react if a guy looks at you? How does he look at other girls?

31. Volunteer for a charity – How does your partner respond to volunteering their time for a cause?

32. Donate to a charity – Is he generous and willing to give to the needy and less fortunate?

33. Look after you when you sick – How does your partner respond to you being ill? Are they accommodating, can they take care of you?

34. Attend a work event – How does your partner interact with your boss/colleagues? Can they impress? Put a good word in for you?

3Image from Elizabeth and Anthony’s wedding. Photography by Studio Impressions.

Main image from Demosthenes and Elle’s wedding. Photography by Enchanted Wedding Photography.

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