On January 10 2016, three of the world’s most renowned wedding planners and stylists, Sarah Haywood, Diane Khoury and Marcy Blum will be hosting an International Wedding & Event Planning Course in London and to celebrate the upcoming event, they’ve shared their favourite wedding photos!

If you want to learn from the best, you need to attend this luxury 5-day course.

11Wedding by Diane Khoury Weddings and Events. Photography by XSiGHT


1Wedding by Sarah Haywood Wedding Design. Photography by Carla Ten Eyck.

WW: What is EPIC?

Sarah Haywood: The Event Planners International Collaborative was founded by three international event planners; London based Sarah Haywood, New York’s Marcy Blum, and Diane Khoury from Sydney. Our collaboration is born out of a shared desire to impart knowledge and expertise, improve standards, and establish a collaborative network of exceptional regional and international wedding and event planners. We are committed to offering an intensive, honest and authentic learning experience to event planners across the globe.


10Wedding by Diane Khoury Weddings and Events. Photography by XSiGHT

WW: How was it founded?

Sarah Haywood: For several years I have been hosting one-day workshops for bridal professionals looking to take their business to the next level.  It was a natural progression to start offering more intensive courses.  I launched this residential course last spring and immediately Marcy and Diane saw the potential and offered their support; I jumped at the chance to have them both on board and it has now grown to a bigger and more advanced venture. Between us we run competent and profitable businesses, but they were started, developed and are run in very different ways and we are all three willing to share our successes and our failures.


5Wedding by Marcy Blum Associates. Photography by Fred Marcus Photography.

WW: What sets it apart from other courses?

Sarah Haywood: EPIC courses offer the only hands-on education programme developed and hosted by successful, experienced and international luxury event planning professionals entrenched in the business. Together with invited industry experts, we will offer practical training, expert advice and valuable insights to excel in the competitive events environment. And be that individuals seeking to enhance or develop a full service event company, or a boutique wedding and party brand.

9Wedding by Diane Khoury Weddings and Events.

WW: What can attendees expect from #EPICLondon2016?

Sarah Haywood: Our International Wedding & Event Planning Certificate course has been developed to stand as the global benchmark of excellence for event planning professionals of the future. Each and every facet of producing social and corporate events will be touched upon, and demonstrated authentically and honestly with real life examples. Attendance is limited to a small group to enhance the experience and offer one-to-one opportunities both within the course framework and socially. The basic modules will cover Event Planning & Management, Working with Event Professionals, Best Business Practice, Marketing & Branding, and with an Introduction to Wedding Design. We will also be hosting a prestigious industry event on the last evening of the course. And follow-up mentoring sessions with the Course Directors will be provided in the months following the residential course.

2Wedding by Sarah Haywood Wedding Design. Photography by Carla Ten Eyck.

WW: What’s the most important thing for Brides to remember when looking for a wedding planner?

Sarah Haywood: When you have selected two or three wedding planners you are confident with, ensure you choose one you like, and who you think will best be able to interpret your vision for your day. Never go on price alone, go on experience, expertise and business competence.

7Wedding by Diane Khoury Weddings and Events.

WW: What’s the biggest mistake Brides make when hiring a planner?

Sarah Haywood: Failing to engage in the planning process and trusting their planner’s expertise and experience. When clients engage in the wedding planning and design process, and are open to hearing our ideas as well as us incorporating their own, when they trust our expertise and experience, the results speak for themselves. When a budget is agreed and you allow your event planner to manage that budget to work to your best advantage so much more can be achieved.

4Wedding by Marcy Blum Associates. Photography by Terry Gruber Photography.

WW: What has been your most memorable wedding ever and why?

Marcy Blum: My most memorable wedding was my long-time friend, Nate Berkus’. It was the first gay wedding to take place at the NYPL and there was a choir during the ceremony. 

Sarah Haywood: All weddings are special and each for their own reason. Every single one we have arranged is precious to me and I remember them all. For me it is really about the journey we travel together and arriving at a day that is beyond everyone’s wildest dreams – and every wedding at the time I truly believe is the most magical we have produced and I worry we will never achieve such heights again. When I do not feel this I will know I need to stop! The day someone does not tell me at a celebration that it is the best wedding they have ever been to, I will have ‘lost my mojo’ and will retire!

3Wedding by Sarah Haywood Wedding Design. Photography by Carla Ten Eyck.

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8Wedding by Diane Khoury Weddings and Events.

Main image credits: Wedding by Marcy Blum Associates. Photography by Docuvitae.

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