3 Major Things People Notice About Your Outfit

Every day feels like a constant battle with the wardrobe, and as we get dressed in the morning, we sometimes forget what we’ve actually put on. Are you with us?

While we all have those days, our best fashion moments usually happen when we carry something ‘noticeable’. What do we mean by that? If you’ve seen people stare you up and down along the street, don’t overthink the negative. To give you further insight, scroll down for some fabulous reasons to see why what you’re wearing is turning heads.



The importance of accessories is crucial as they’ll elevate your outfit to a ‘high-society’ vibe. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending all your earnings on designer handbags, but going for a key item that complements your everyday style is a major win. A printed bag will catch a lot of attention: not only is it filled with texture, but passerbys will assume it comes from a high-end shop. You don’t need to know your Gucci from your Prada and all it takes is a little logo to cast an eye.

Valentino Handbags Collection & More Luxury Details:

Image via Luxury and Vintage Madrid


Cold seasons always mean more layers, but funnily enough, winter styling is easier to coordinate than summer! Think a basic look such as a classic shirt layered with a coat and jacket. Colour plays a big part when finding the right items for your getup: opt for neutrals, which are a safe bet, and can be styled with pastels and neon.

Fave color palette ...coming to the blog ||outfit details now on FashionedChic.com/DailyDetails or http://liketk.it/2q58H:

Image via Buyer Select Blog


It’s all about the aesthetics. What is pleasing to the eye is ‘structure’, whether we like to admit that to ourselves or not. The best thing about a great outfit is when it fits perfectly to your body shape. Those stylish gurus you can’t stop looking at know a thing or two when it comes to a first impression, and a fitted silhouette is no exception. If your clothes need a little tweak, then a tailor really is your best investment.

Love Kate Hudson in Gucci, and Victoria Beckham and Blake Lively tied for #2:

Image via ELLE

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