15 Grooming Tips for Your Groom!

You may be surprised, but many Grooms will already be familiar with cleansers, moisturisers and hair products!

Yes, they might spend hours styling their hair and shaping their beards. But for others, a shower and a shave is they all need. When it comes to trimming, or how to hide a hangover, our guide to being well-groomed for the big day is what your man needs to read!

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1. Drink, Drink

Not literally, but drinking plenty of water will replenish your insides. It also works wonders on your skin too!

It’s best to start with the regular six glasses a day before your Wedding. Then, with such clear, clean skin, your face will look fresh in time for your big day.


2. Classic Cut

Getting a hair cut is crucial. There are a range of styles to choose from and we suggest you team for something classic and timeless. A modern hairstyle is typically a phase and you wouldn’t want to regret getting a cut that doesn’t suit your face.

One week before the wedding keeps a man’s hair looking fresh. Of course, if you aren’t happy, there is plenty of time to fix it!


3. Hectic Hairspray!

Not the movie.. but in relation to it. Hairspray can maintain the structure of your style more than wax or gel.

Give it a try ahead of your Wedding to see how it looks and holds. Nothing is better than a soft, clean styled look without looking stiff or shiny.

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4. Softly Skincare

Some men wouldn’t know what they need. If you aren’t sure, speak to a consultant and see what’s good and healthy for you.

There are definitely some great products out there to treat acne and sensitive skin. Grabbing some testers and seeing which product works for you is essential before making a purchase.


5. Harmonious Hands

This is an option but still a goodie!

We are certain that your hands will be doing most of the work on the big day. From holding hands with your partner to shaking everybody else’s.

Don’t forget, photographers will be taking pictures and it’s crucial that your hands are neat and clean. This goes for fingernails too. Using a moisturiser can be vital for fresh and healthy skin.


6. Beard Be-Gone

If your beard is your signature look, then by all means, keep it.

But for the rest of you, getting a tight shave is crucial if you choose to go hairless. We think a straight edge razor is fab for a clean, crisp cut. If you tend to get shaving rash, then we recommend trimming your beard the night before. This can decrease the chance of that horrible irritation.

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7. No-Nose Hair

Nose hair is common, which is why it needs to be maintained on a once-per-month basis. A shaver will come with attachments which is essential for removing all types of unwanted hair.

If you don’t have a nose hair trimmer, visit a department store for a basic brand that will easily do the job.


8. Moustache Mayhem

A moustache tends to be a males signature style. Of course, it isn’t a terrible look and can still be worn for your Wedding.

Anything longer, it must be maintained. Think of food consumption, photographs, even your poor Bride!


9. Everlasting Eyebrows

Keeping those eyebrows in shape is an absolute must.

No Groom wants to see an angry uni-brow. So please, pluck any stray hairs between your eyes a couple of days before your wedding. Do not pluck over the brows or inside the inner eye lines.

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10. Tidy Teeth

Here are a couple of hints to help a man groom his teeth before the Wedding.

Always use whitening toothpaste and schedule a dentist appointment a month before. Professional teeth cleaning and whitening is also an option.

Remember, brushing your teeth and using mouthwash is strictly vital. In case you feel these tips have let you down, have breath mints handy or lend them to your Groomsmen to store.


11. Wonder Wax

There isn’t anything wrong with a man who loves to wax!

It’s no biggie. It’s a great gesture to your Bride if you give your back or legs a shear before the Wedding. Don’t forget the Honeymoon!

Just make sure to go to a reputable salon. And for you newbies, be prepared to wince!


12. Fantastic Feet

No need to be ashamed of it!

Do you suffer from rough feet or unkept toenails? A pedicure will treat all those aches and pains.

Book an appointment a few days before the big day. Don’t be scared or nervous if your the only man in a woman’s salon. A gentlemen’s groomers isn’t hard to find these days. Just search online!

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13. Perfect Perfume

Every man wants to smell good..

Get it right by picking the fragrance most suited to you. Are you warm and sexy? or maybe masculine but sophisticated? Who knows, you could be fresh and immaculate.


14. Practice, Practice!

Trial and error always works. It’s the only way to assess certain things such as your beard growth or hairstyle before your Wedding day.


15. Hangover Help

Need some help with the Wedding aftermath?

Placing cold packs on your eyes will resolve that terrible midnight look. Do you know cucumbers and sandwich bags of peas will work too?

Then, there’s always moisturiser. Bring back that well groomed complexion!

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