19 things every Bride needs on the morning of her Wedding Day

Whether your Bridesmaids are putting together a ‘Wedding Day kit’ for you, or whether you’re planning to pack your own, there are a few must-have items that you can’t overlook.

So, before you start getting ready on your Big Day, make sure you’ve got these 19 essentials handy!

1. Snacks

Before you pack anything else, make sure you’ve got some protein-rich snacks that will keep hunger at bay and give you some much-needed energy before you walk down the aisle. Nuts, muesli bars or decadent raw choccies are all great options, they’re filling and healthy, but not messy!

panaImages from Pana Chocolate

2. Sewing Kit

From a loose thread to a popped button, having a sewing kit could just save the day in a fashion emergency.

3. Bag

You’ll need a bag to storee all of your Wedding Day essentials in – and it’s got to be big, so put away those delicate clutches and order a tote! Get your wifey on and purchase one with your new monograms, it will make it that much more special.

bagImages from Chuchka

4. Deodorant

You’ll need a heavy-duty deodorant because, whether it’s hot or not, you’ll probably get nervous sweats at some point.

5. Foundation

Another insider tip – splurge on an easy-to-apply foundation with SPF to wear on the morning of the Wedding Day. You’ll probably be heading to breakfast with your Bridesmaids and have a photographer following you – all before you’ve had your makeup completed. Having a silky foundation and concealer combo that you can apply yourself as soon as you wake up will leave your skin flawless and give you that extra confidence.

foundationImages from La Prairie

6. Moisturiser

Lather up first thing in the morning so the moisturiser is completely absorbed into your skin before you pop on your Wedding gown. Nothing is worse that dry or cracked skin!

7. Flats

Trust us, having a pair of flats close by on the morning of your Wedding will be a Godsend. Opt for a stylish pair that will still look fabulous in photos, but will give your toes a bit of a break!

shoesImages from Balletonet

8. Bandaids

It doesn’t matter how soft the leather is on your Wedding heels, if you’ve never worn them before, you’re guaranteed to have a blister (or 10) by the end of the night, so stock up on Bandaids in every size, shape and form.

9. Eyelash Glue

Not only will you be fluttering your faux lashes all day long, but there’s probably going to be some tears, so make sure you’ve got lash glue nearby to re-stick any runaway lash hairs!
Images from Ardell

10. Hairspray

Not only will a quality hairspray keep your locks in line, but there’s another use for this Wedding day must-have! If you’re wearing a veil, spray a few squirts of hairspray once you’ve put it on – aim away from your face and spray the veil away from you. The spray will help hold it off your face and keep it in place.

11. Champagne

No explanation needed.

champagneImage from Perrier-Jouët

12. Hand Cream

This is my own little trick. When you’re nervous, your fingers often get clammy and swell, which is not what you want as your hubby tries to slide your new (super tight) Wedding ring on! Before you walk the aisle, use some hand cream, so that when the time comes to put on your ring, there won’t be any embarrassing tugging!

13. Mints

Put the chewing gum away and pop a mint in your mouth instead. Chewing gum can lead to you swallowing air, which leads to bloating so when you’re ready to freshen your breath, reach for a trusty mint.

14. Lipstick and Lipliner

Although most makeup artists will leave you with a tiny sample of the lipstick they use on you, we recommend purchasing the colour beforehand and having it on hand to reapply whenever you need it. Trust us, not only will you use the lipstick regularly throughout the Wedding Day, but you’ll use the lipliner to fix up any smudges and define the curve of your lips.

lipsImages from Sisley Paris

15. Perfume

Some Brides choose to wear a new scent on their Wedding Day, whereas others prefer to wear their signature scent. Whatever you decide, we recommend spraying yourself BEFORE you get dressed so that you don’t leave any stains on your gown. Focus on your wrists and behind your ears and don’t get too ‘spray happy’ – two or three squirts is plenty.

16. Tunes

Trust us, you’ll want a killer playlist to get you and your Bridesmaids ready! Ask your Maid-of-Honour to put together a iPod playlist with all of your favourites like Beyonce, old school Britney Spears and as many ‘girl power anthems’ as possible.

17. Hair Brush and Bobbi Pins

You never know when you might need to tame your locks, so it’s essential to have a hairbrush and bobbi pins. We recommend purchasing a brush or detangler that you can use on wet hair without causing breakages.


18. Tan

Yes, we know you’ve already had a spray tan; but if you need a bit of a top-up, or if you’ve happened to scratch or smudge your spray tan, we recommend having a bottle of Model Co on hand to airbrush it to perfection.


19. Your Mum

You might have the best Bridesmaids in the world, but there’s nothing like having your mum close-by, especially when the Wedding Day nerves kick-in. Make sure you ask your mum to help you with any last-minute dramas (there’s always going to be at least one) and hold your hand when you need it!

Main image from Belle and Nathan’s Wedding. Photography by Kerri Mackintosh Photography.

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