4 ways to tell your Wedding guests about the gift registry

Wedding gift registries are a bit of an awkward subject, aren’t they?

Some people believe that when it comes to gift giving, you should always adopt the ‘it’s the thought that counts’ approach; While, others say that Wedding gift registries are the best way to avoid scenarios of receiving two toasters and five cutlery sets.

So, how do you receive gifts that you actually want, without treading on anyone’s toes? Here are our four tips to avoid you from having to deal with a Wedding gift registry nightmare.

1. DO NOT Add Details of Your Wedding Gift Registry to Your Invitation

You had better ring and cancel those Wedding invitations now!

We know that it makes sense to put details about your Wedding gift registry on your invitation, but it is most certainly not the right place. After all, Wedding invitations are designed to tell your prospective guests how much it would mean to you and your significant other to have them at your Wedding and how much you adore them. Leave the gift talk until later.


2. DO Inform Your Immediate Family, Friends and Bridal Party About Your Wedding Gift Registry

Your friends and family are the best way of informing your guests about your Wedding gift registry! Make sure that you arm your your loved ones with information about your Wedding gift registry as there is no doubt that they will be fielding calls from other guests about what you need the most.

3. DO Set up a Wedding Website

As most of us are very technologically savvy these days, creating a Wedding website is a brilliant way to simplify the Wedding planning process. Questions about the gift registry, social media hashtag, location and much more can normally be answered on the average Wedding website. Trust us, it will save you a million phone calls and a whole load of pre-Wedding stress.

DO include your wedding gift registry information with your Bridal shower invitations

Your Bridal shower invitations are a perfect place to put information about your Wedding gift registry. After all, the point of a Bridal shower is giving gifts. If you still feel awkward about including information about your gift registry in the invitation, perhaps opt to only send the information to people who RSVP yes.


Images from Davide and Tania’s Wedding. Photography by  Studio Fotografico Di Stefano

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