17 Most Mouthwatering Easter Desserts On Instagram

Luckily for all chocolate lovers, Easter is the perfect time of year to completely stuff your face with all sorts of sugary treats and you only have to feel bad about it the day after (we’ll be nursing some serious food regrets after we wake up from our food coma).

So, in the spirit of Easter and all things sugary and sweet, we’ve undertaken the extremely difficult* task of finding the best, most Insta-worthy desserts in honour of the season.

Scroll through and get excited for Easter. Don’t blame us if you experience some dessert disappointment on Sunday when you’re not sitting in front of one of these.

*Searching and wiping away drool is an extremely difficult task.

Dominique Ansel’s Bunny Religieuse

Sugarbombe’s Bunny Car

Amaury Guichon’s Speckled Egg

Dominique Ansel’s Bunny Eggs

Holly Fox’s Colourful Balloons

Desserted In Paris’ Chapeau Oreille Au Chocolat

Fluffegram’s Easter Bunny Milkshakes

Will Torrent’s Smashing Easter Eggs

Fou de Pâtisserie’s Giant Eggs

Not Quite Nigella’s Easter Simnel Cake

Desserted In Paris’ Lapin d’après Francois Pompon

Fauchon Paris’ Chocolate and Carrot Bunnies

Sugarbombe’s Rainbow Bunnies

Franck Michel’s Egg Nests

Dominique Ansel’s Golden Easter Bunny

Yauatcha Patisserie’s Easter Eggs

Sugarbombe’s Bunny Chicks


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