1. Something will always go wrong, but you’re the only who’ll notice

2. You will more than likely end up at a drive-through between ceremony and reception unless you’ve pre-packed some snacks!

3. Murphy’s law comes to life at weddings in all its glory. Do not wish for or against ANYTHING!

4. You are beautiful no matter what. Stress pimples do not take away from your beauty #justsaying

5. Expect hidden costs and be sure to ask all the right questions and have things in writing for your wedding day. We hear more than often Brides expecting one thing and receiving another

6. It will all be a blur once it’s over, you will look over your pics and vid and think ‘when did that happen?’

1Image from Alana and Andrew’s Wedding. Photography by Zoe Morley Photography.

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7. People are really, really slack at RSVP’ing and the ones you least expect will RSVP first

8. I will not be a Bridezilla… do not utter these words. Because you’re allowed 🙂

9. Test your dress. And by that i mean – a. Can you walk in it – b. Can you sit in it and – c. Can you go to the toilet? (I failed C and held on for 17 hours straight, have mercy!)

10. You will more than likely not have sex on your wedding night. And if you do, don’t expect it to be mind-blowing (sleeping and eating will come first, i promise).

11. No matter what you tell your guests about social media, images will be posted…unless you confiscate their phones. As long as it’s not a selfie down the aisle don’t fret it too much.

12. You can’t please everyone. That’s actually #1!

2Image from Bethany and Blair’s Wedding. Photography by John Benavente.

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