One of the first Wedding planning tasks that a freshly Engaged Fairy faces is organising the invitations. Not only do these delicate pieces of card set the mood for your entire Wedding (no pressure), but they also give your guest crucial information about your Big Day.

However, Brides constantly ask us what the etiquette is and whether there are any ‘rules’ and unlike almost every other aspect of the Wedding, there’s no rule book or etiquette guide for the stationery.

So, Fairies, we’ve saved the day by chatting to the stationery queens, Rose and Jess from Mazii Collection, who’ve helped answer all of your biggest questions.

1. When Should We Send the Invites Out?

Rose and Jess advise that, “Invites should be sent out three months prior to the Wedding date. If you are having a destination Wedding in Australia, aim for six months and 12 months if it is overseas; this allows time for your guests to organise tickets and accommodation!”


2. What Should We Make the RSVP Date?

This is such a common question, because you want to make sure your guests have ample time to confirm their RSVP, but you’ll also want to finalise numbers asap! Jess and Rose suggest that two months is ideal, as this allows you to “Get a head start when ordering favours and place cards; however one month is still fine if you’re more comfortable dealing with short deadlines.”

3 Do I Include the Gift Registry on the Invites?

Whether you’re having a wishing well or gift registry, is it a Bridal faux pas to include the details on the invitation? Rose and Jess say that if you’re worried about it, then it’s best to pop the gifting detail on a separate card. “We recommend to do a separate card for gift registry to keep it neat. However, if you’re doing a wishing well, then a line at the bottom of the invitation is still fine.”

4 How Do I Know if I Need Save The Dates?

Rose and Jess advise that, “’Save the Dates’ are essential if the Wedding is around important calendar dates, public holidays and during peak holiday season.” You should also consider them, if you’re having a destination Wedding or the Wedding is on a weekday; basically, if your guests are required to take time off work to attend, send out a ‘save the date’ as soon as you can!


5 How Do I Let Guests Know it’s an Adult-Only Wedding?

Keep it simple, advise Rose and Jess and include a short line on the RSVP card like “Regrettably, no children under the age of 18″ or “Please be aware that we’re having an adults-only Wedding.”

6 Do I Have to Give Every Guest a Plus One?

Fairies, you’re going to LOVE this answer. Rose and Jess say that you don’t have to give every guest a plus one, “Only when necessary; like if you know the guest has a partner and you’re unsure of their name.”

7 Where Do I Include the Dress Code?

Rose and Jess say that you can put the dress code info straight on the invitation, but they advise to, “Keep it short and simple and use only a few words like ‘Formal Attire’ or ‘Cocktail’”

8 Can I Ever Un-Invite Someone?

This is a tricky one to navigate and Rose and Jess suggest that the best way to avoid this situation is to, “Only send out invitations to those you are 100% sure about. If you decide at a later stage to invite someone, you can send them a late invitation.”


9 When Should I Send Out the Thank-Yous?

They’re the bane of every Bride’s existence: remembering to write out the thank-you cards after the Wedding! Rose and Jess suggest aiming to get them sent out within two months of the Wedding date.

10 Do I Have to Follow-Up With Guests Who Don’t RSVP?

Unfortunately, some guests forget to send their RSVP, so it’s up to the Bride to give them a call or text to remind them. Jess and Rose warn that you should never assume that people will or won’t come, so you’re going to have to add ‘follow-up’ to your list of ‘to dos’.

11 My Friend Just Broke Up With Her Boyfriend and He’s Already RSVPed… What Do I Do?

This is another tricky situation, but Rose and Jess say, “It would be assumed that he is not coming as they’re no longer together, unless you have formed a strong friendship with him. If you feel it would be uncomfortable for your friend then you should speak to him and explain this. Hopefully he’ll understand!”


Mazii Collection gives Brides a point of difference when it comes to Wedding favours, personalised candles, stationery and Wedding invitations. Its curated selection of bespoke and luxury ready-made products allow you to truly personalise every aspect of your Big Day

Main image from Nicole and Raymond’s Wedding. Photography by Simon Gorges.

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