When compiling the list one requires for their kitchen tea, my best advice is… get practical! I was never one to spend time in the kitchen so when choosing items for my list four years ago, I went for bright, pretty shiny things. A little like Homer in my former years, I was more interested in eating food and dreaming about food than actually making it.

So since I became a housewife (ha, ha – who am I kidding?), I have learned there are items I wish I had focused a little more on! Things like a good set of knives, a sexy dish rack, fabulous tea towels and more. Luckily at Peters of Kensington, I can remain inspired and…practical. Here are my top 10 goodies you NEED, whether you’re an aspiring masterchef or a basic eggs on toast gal (more like Zaatar) like me.

1. Colander 

I make pasta a lot more than the average person. Colanders take up a lot of room and this is the perfect solution!


 2. Knife Set 

Why didn’t anyone tell me that knives were so important in the cooking process?


3. Chopping Board

A great chopping board is so important for meats and vegetables. And that one time I made tabouli. I also have learned different sized chopping boards serve different purposes, super important to know for cross contamination.


4. Laminated Tablecloth

Because my Mother in law tried to cover my shabby chic dining table with plastic! This is called compromise.


5. Griddler

Two words. Lamb. Kofta. This is maj for a Mediterranean kitchen.


7. Dish Rack

I found it so hard to shop for a dish rack that was stylish and not so bulky.


8. Blanket

Because my mother pulled out the tiger mink blanket when it was winter and I almost died. Keeping it stylish and warm!


9. Toilet Brush

Again. So difficult to find a toilet brush that was sleek, modern and did the job.


10. Masher

I remember craving mash potatoes and realising I didn’t have a potato masher, that was a very sad day…

PicMonkey CollagePeter’s of Kensington have everything a bride needs for her Kitchen Tea, from the kitchenware to electrical and everything in between!


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