Dubai easily has some of the most opulent and exciting weddings in the world and our Middle Eastern counterparts are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to bridal trends. So, when Wedded Wonderland got the chance to sit down with Zainab Al Salih, the Managing Director of Dubai’s top wedding planning agency, Carousel, we couldn’t wait to get the latest trends from this global hotspot.

Theming: Go Back to Where You Came From


Ladies, take a trip down memory lane and reconnect with your culture, as tradition is making a huge comeback.

“Tradition is never out of style,” says Zainab AlSalih

This year, many brides are seeking to rediscover their culture as tradition has captured the heart of the wedding industry. Resurrect classical traditions and channel these through your decor to reflect the essence of your personality with each intricate detail. Current wedding trends are reinterpreting classical traditions in a modern manner to showcase a wedding that appreciates the best of both eras.

“It’s a beautiful way of connecting with the past while looking forward,” she says.

Current trends in the Middle East are pushing for the interplay between classical and contemporary where the couple’s intrinsic personalities and cultures are reflected through their wedding.

Treat your guests to a unique and exquisite cultural experience that represents the universal notion of love – the way each couple expresses differently.

Cake Design: Make a Statement


Large, centre-pieced wedding cakes are dominating the wedding industry; so future brides, feed your creativity with textures, decorations and colour. Indulge in decadent cakes and elaborate desserts because now you have a reason to!

“A wedding cake is one of the most important focal points of any wedding,” says Zainab AlSalih.

Colour: Soften Things Up


This year’s colour palette is proving that less is definitely more!

Enliven your visual sense with soft pastels, neutrals and muted tones to reflect nothing less than elegance and class on your wedding day. “Wedding trends always seem to follow those of the fashion world, so expect to continue seeing a lot of soft and neutral hues dominating wedding décor,” she says.

And with the colder seasons creeping on us, there’s no better time! Anyone else thinking winter wonderland?

Floristry: Get Exotic


Flowers are one of the key elements of every wedding because what is wedding is without any elaborate florals? For many generations, we have seen many floral fads go and come but roses were definitely not amongst of those temporarily adored.

Current trends are seeing the interplay of traditional roses with more exotic types such as ranunculus and succulents, with Phalaenopsis orchids being the epitome of elegance.

Photography: Attention to Detail


“Modern day brides are want to document their love story and experience rather than just the wedding itself,” she says.

More and more brides are wanting to capture every intricate detail of their wedding. In recent times, we are seeing the shift from standard poses to the desire to capture unexpected shots, behind-the-scene activity to truly give a sense of the genuine love that filled the day.

Founded just six years ago, Carousel has since cemented itself as Dubai’s most prestigious and creative wedding planning agency having managed launches for international celebrities including Donald Trump.



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