10 Things Brides Should Not Do The Week Before Their Wedding

If there is a time you should not experiment with your everyday routine, it is the week before your wedding day. Some brides often make the mistake of dedicating the week before their big day to try new and exciting things from beauty routines, to hair cuts and colours, to diets.

We have three words for you. Don’t. Do. It.

Change your Diet

One common change we see brides start are diets. No thought is worse than not being able to fit in that dress you paid so much for. But don’t make the mistake of starting the week of. Like many of those who have dieted before know, it takes a while for your body to get used to the change of food and nutrient intake. Due to the change in diet, you will see your energy levels lower that can result in making you irritable. You should consider eating healthy meals to reduce bloating and improve overall health, however do not look to any juice cleanses or dramatic change of diet.

Change Your Hair Colour

Keep it simple. Many brides want to make sure they look their best on their big day. But to ensure that happens, you should try and look “the same”. You may be thinking, huh? The one thing you do not want to regret is looking back at photos of your wedding day and thinking you did not like your hair. Changing your hair colour the week before your big day may result in the colour oxidising and possibly not matching your skin tone. Additionally, colouring your hair has the potential to damage it, jeopardising your final hair look. To eliminate this completely, keep your hair how you always have it.

Change Your Skin Care Routine

If there is one thing you should not even consider the week before your big day, it is changing your skin care routine. But in saying that, we all know how ideal it would be to wake up on your wedding day with perfect skin. If you are someone who struggles with bad skin, look to finding a suitable regime months prior to the big day. Leaving this to the week before can result in some serious problems. Avoid any chance of breakouts and reactions by testing treatments and skin care products months prior, rather than the week before, (with the help of a dermatologist) to make sure your skin glows on your big day.

Get a Drastic Hair Cut

Back to the topic of hair, don’t even consider a drastic hair cut the week prior before your wedding day. The only reason this is suggested, is because one common feedback we hear from brides is that they didn’t like their hair on the day because they weren’t used to it. To eliminate any chance of you regretting your look on your big day, try and make sure you look as natural as possible (how you look every single day), and work with your current features. This includes your hair style. If you did want a trim, fringe or any other change, try and organise this at least a month or so prior to your wedding. This ensures your hair is fresh and healthy, whilst giving it the chance to grow back if you weren’t happy with the original result.


Drink Alcohol

Whilst the stress of your big day may start to hit at around the week before, this is no excuse to crack open the bottle of red that’s been sitting on your bench for the last month. Alcohol indeed carries a ton of calories that may include effects such as bloating, gas, redness of the skin and other affects that will weaken your digestive system. Try and eliminate alcohol intake the week before your wedding day to ensure your body is as healthy as can be, and so you feel your absolute best on what will be the happiest day of your life.


Use a New Fake Tan

Every bride wants to glow on their big day. From the inside and out. In saying this, we do not recommend trying a new fake tan the week before your big day. With many fake tans lasting for more than 2 weeks, we can’t have a blotchy bride now, can we? If you are to be wed in the cooler months, try and experiment with fake tans months prior to the wedding day to ensure you are able to find the perfect, natural looking colour, whilst giving it time to come off. This will allow for you to have a fresh, perfect coat a few days before your big day. If you are getting married in the warmer months, look to have a sun tan. This will make sure the colour is evenly distributed and natural. Just remember, if you are going down this path, consider tan lines from your swimwear, as well as getting burnt. Have time in the sun months prior rather than the week before to ensure you do not burn. And always remember to use sunscreen!

Change in Exercise

With the honeymoon following the wedding day, we understand the desire to want to be as comfortable as possible in your own skin. However this isn’t a reason to break an arm trying. No one should condone exercise considering the multiple benefits that come from it, yet we do recommend sticking to your normal exercise routine the week before your wedding. This will ensure your body remains in it’s normal rhythm, without anything to shock it. Signing up to any high intensity training the week before your big day may result in strained muscles and pain which can carry on to the wedding. We can’t have you limping down the aisle…

Changing Your Makeup Brands

We, too, love trying a whole heap of newly released makeup and recommended brands (thanks Youtube review videos), however maybe not the week before our big day. It is important to note that with trying new comes with the possible chance of reactions and breakouts. Whilst breakouts on your big day shouldn’t be something you think about too much (thank you magic power of concealer), it is definitely something that may bring down your mood. If you are wishing to experiment with new makeup to finalise the brands you want used on your big day, start this process at least 3 months prior to your wedding day, rather than the week before. This gives you enough time to see any side effects that might come of this.

Tanya Gorge, Creative Makeup Director of Tanya Gorg told Wedded Wonderland that:

“As your wedding date approaches, you should be cautious about introducing any new makeup products to your skin that you haven’t used before. Introducing new makeup could lead to an allergic reaction, dryness, oiliness or other side effects that can take time to correct.We recommend speaking to your makeup artist and trialling all brands that you use at least a few months ahead of time, prior to your big day”

Pull an All-Nighter

Don’t make this mistake. Try everything you can to ensure you are getting your 8 + hours of sleep the entire week before your wedding day. With multiple effects that can affect your health with lack of sleep, you need to make sure you’re on your A-game for your big day. Sleep deprivation not only affects your immune system, but is also the reason behind those dark circles under your eyes. Avoid being called ‘Bridezilla’ by going to bed at a decent hour and waking up at the same time every morning- consistency is key.


Lastly, do not stress the week of your wedding. Whilst it can seem quite overwhelming, just know that everything will work out in the end. Remember, a wedding is essentially about the marriage of two souls in love, not about any of the superficial things that come with a wedding day. Sit back, relax and enjoy the day surrounded by your closest family and friends. Smile, your getting married in a week!

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