This Bride-To-Be’s Engagement Ring Is Mocked For Looking Like A Paperclip

A bride-to-be recently got engaged and shared a photo of her unusual engagement ring gushing about her new fiancé. But she might have wanted to hold back from sharing the exciting news as her diamond-free ring has been mocked online.

Proudly showing off her ring with the caption “So happy to finally call him my fiancée!”, her ring made from both gold and silver doesn’t feature any diamonds or precious stones.

Image via: The Sun

Instead, this ring shows the two metals meeting in the middle, bent in a U-shape but the quirky design hasn’t sat well with the Internet.

The photo ended up on the Facebook group That’s It I’m Ring Shaming where it’s racked up dozens of confused comments comparing the unique design to a paperclip on Facebook.

Image via: The Sun

One commenter wrote “Nice paperclips.”

Another said “When you try to be different by saying you don’t want stones on your engagement band and get this.”

A third one made a joke saying “Is she marrying Clippy from Microsoft?”

While another commenter added “It looks like two of those things you use to open up your SIM card on iPhone.”

What do you think Fairies?

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Feature Image Via: The Sun

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