10 Of The Best Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower games are the best way to break the ice at a bridal shower. You’ve got a room full of people who most likely don’t all know each other, there probably isn’t any dancing or partying of any sort going down, and it’s in broad daylight. It’s safe to say that things can get pretty awkward.


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Thankfully though, your bridal shower can be saved.

Nothing quite says fun like some good old healthy competition, and it’s the perfect way to break the ice and get all of your guests laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

That’s why we’ve done our research and found the best games that you can have at your bridal shower.

So pick out some prizes and get ready to see a side to your family and friends that you might not have seen before.

1. Toilet Paper Bride

An oldie but a goodie, toilet paper bride sees your guests pair up (or group up, depending on how large your party is), and create a wedding dress out of a roll of toilet paper within a short time frame. Guests then model their creations, with the bride-to-be picking out her favourite for the win.

Get creative, Fairies!

2. Cold Feet

For the weird and whacky, fill buckets of cold water and ice and place toy rings at the bottom. You can play around with different sized rings to mix things up a little.

Guests will then have to use their feet to fish them out of the bucket. The fastest do so, wins!

3. Pass The Bouquet

This game is just like musical chairs, but with a bit of a twist. Guests stand in a cricle and simply pass along a bouquet as music plays. Whoever is holding the flowers when the music stops, is out. It’s all about the last person standing.

4. Flower Arrangement

For a game where everyone wins, set out a range of different flowers and ribbons, and have guests try and make the best bouquet. The prettiest bunch gets a prize, but at least everyone else can take their floral creations home!


5. Pin The Veil

Think: pin the tail on the donkey, but with a twist.

Blow up a picture of the bride and cut out pieces of material with Blu Tack or double-sided tape stuck to the back of it. Players are then blindfolded and spun around, before having to try to and place the veil onto the picture of the bride.

6. Junk In The Trunk

Fill empty tissue boxes with either ping pong balls, toy rings, or lollies, and strap them onto the backside of willing guests using tape, ribbon, or string (just make sure it’s secured tightly). Players then have to shake what their mama gave them and try and get whatever’s in the boxes to fall out. Whoever has the least amount in their box once the time’s up, or whoever finishes first, wins.


7. Who Said What?

Put together a list of quotes said by the bride and the groom and have guests take a guess at who said what. Whoever guesses the most right wins the prize.

Try and pick out really funny and weird quotes to make the game just that little bit more entertaining.

8. Tie The Knot

Find out which of your guests has a little trick up their sleeve with this cheeky game. Place bowls of cherries amongst the tables and see which guests can tie the cherry stem into a knot using their tongue. The winner goes to whoever can get it done the fastest.

Quick tip: If cherries aren’t in season during your bridal shower, use snake lollies instead. It works the same way!

9. Ball & Chain

In teams, guests have to try and carry foam balls from one bucket to another, but they can only use their knees. Whoever can get the most across while under a time limit wins the game.

To make the ‘ball and chain’, simply paint foam balls black and tie a piece of string to them.

10. Balloon Pop

For another cheeky game, tie a balloon to the lower back of your guests and have them stand in two rows. Each person in the line has to have their balloon popped by the person behind them, who can only use the lower front of their body to do so. The game continues as people move down the line until a team pops all of their balloons.

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