Bride-To-Be Forced To Quit Her Job After Boss Refuses To Give Her Time Off To Plan Her Wedding

A bride who is in the process of planning her own wedding has been forced to quit her job after her boss refused to give her time off to attend her own wedding as the boss has booked a holiday!

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Image Via: The Sun

The woman shared her story on Mumsnet, explaining she recently started a new job and informed the boss of her upcoming wedding and honeymoon.

After clearing her dates with the company, this bride-to-be was shocked to find out her manager later told her she couldn’t have time off as she will be away!

To add on top of the stress, the boss then told this bride-to-be that she should reschedule her wedding so it didn’t clash with the boss’ trip.

The bride, a master’s student had only one option left, that is to take matters into her own hands and quit her job. The bride is now working at a makeup counter to earn a bit of extra money in the lead up of the wedding.

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Image Via: The Sun

The bride explains that “When I sent back my contract to HR I mentioned I had my wedding coming up and a week off for my honeymoon. They said that was no problem. I started the job and discovered my manager has the week of my honeymoon booked off for a holiday and flies out on my wedding day.”

And just to add to the problem, “The full time assistant is being a bridesmaid at another wedding that day so there is no cover in the store.”

So with no one available to work, the manager dropped the bombshell that the bride won’t be able to take the time off to tie the knot, “My manager said I cannot have the time off,” explains the bride.

At first the bride thought her manager was just playing around with her, however she knew that her boss would not budge!

The bride’s dilemma has been shared online with now hundreds of people commenting on the post, branding the boss as a “cow”.

One person wrote, “I’m surprised you didn’t just laugh and walk out when she suggested you move your wedding!”

Another wrote: “I’d resign at the time that’s going to cause them the most inconvenience.”

A commenter wrote, “Tell the manager to stick her lipstick up her arse and leave. Ridiculous people.”

We hope everything goes well for this bride and she can still have her perfect wedding!

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Feature Image Via: The Sun

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