10 mistakes brides and grooms make when planning their wedding day

Planning your wedding day is stressful; you have dozens of decisions to make, you’ll be working to a fine-tuned budget and making countless phone calls to arrange suppliers and whether it’s your first wedding or your fifth there are 10 common mistakes that the bride and groom make – here they are!

1. Trying to be Insta-Perfect

Sure Pinterest and Instagram are good resources to have when it comes to getting inspo for your wedding, but think about what YOU want first. Don’t try to copy or compete with others because this will just stress you out and lead to an unauthentic wedding day.

2. Buying the Gown First

Most brides think that wedding gown shopping is the best part of wedding planning, but you might want to hold your horses before you hand over your credit card. If you buy a gown before you’ve booked the venue, decided on the theme or thought about the time of year, you may have an issue on your hands. Try and be <a little bit> practical when it comes to the gown – you don’t want to be wearing a flimsy silk wedding dress if you’re getting married in the snow fields!

3. Wedding Diet Don’ts

At Wedded Wonderland, we are firm believers that there shouldn’t be a ‘wedding diet’, rather a wedding lifestyle where you aim to be as healthy as you can. Strict dieting can play havoc on your metabolism (and can turn you into a bridezilla), so simply up your intake of fruits and veges and start using your gym membership instead!mistakes bride and groom, biggest mistakes wedding, bride groom wedding tips, wedding tips

4. Hungry Vendors

Just remember that your wedding suppliers are are also human; they get hungry and tired. Make sure you organise food and water for your vendors on the wedding day; not only will you keep them happy, but they’ll be nourished and energised to do the best job possible for you!

5. Seating Scandals

Maybe your best friend Lisa really wants to sit next to your cousin Laura, but Laura has specifically asked to be seated at the family table. When planning the seating chart, just remember that it’s almost impossible to make everyone happy. Try your best to seat people that know each other or have similar interest together. As great as it may sound to put all the single pringles together, sometimes isn’t ideal!

mistakes bride and groom, biggest mistakes wedding, bride groom wedding tips, wedding tips

6. Back-up the Vows

If you forget your vows, it is okay! Don’t be afraid to have your vows written down on paper in your pocket, that way if your nerves get the best of you, you have a back-up.

7. Watch out for your bride

When walking out with your new wife, don’t step on her train. It will most definitely end in embarrassment and you might not be getting lucky that night. Just be mindful on where you step.

8. Be a Rock

Just remember that your significant other is probably going through the same feelings of stress, anxiety, nerves and excitement that you are in the lead-up of the wedding. Be each other’s rock, as this may be the first tricky hurdle you come across as a couple.

9. Fight Fair

This goes for both sides of the wedding party, tensions can be high during the planning process, don’t let an issue reach boiling point between you and your groom. Nips any problems in the bud and have a calm conversation with him. This will minimise the likelihood of a groomzilla and bridezilla standoff.

10. Hello From the Other Side

If you have a large guest list, it can be hard to make your way around the room to meet and greet everyone; so you don’t miss anyone, consider handing out the favours personally or set aside some time to get photos at every table.

mistakes bride and groom, biggest mistakes wedding, bride groom wedding tips, wedding tips

Images from Meghan and Lewis’ wedding. Photography by Mike Humus

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