Well hey there you brand new Mrs! So your wedding went off without a hitch. Now you’ve got the all-important first night with your husband to think about.

But after a long and emotional day (not to mention a lot of alcohol) there’s no guarantees things are going to stay good. While you can’t guard against everything, there are a few things that can help you keep the wedded bliss.

Stay somewhere local
The last thing you’ll want to do after is travel for too long. If your reception venue doesn’t offer accommodation, we recommend finding somewhere else nearby. It will save you the hassle at the end of the night and guarantees you’ll get that alone time with your husband as soon as humanly possible.

It’s your choice if you want to stay in the same location as your bridal party. Some people want to keep the party going the next morning, other couples might prefer the privacy of breakfast in bed. If you do want to start your first day as a married couple alone, you might want to push the boundaries of what counts as local just a little bit. It will give you a good excuse to not have a champagne breakfast.

Do not disturb
Hotels have these signs for a reason, but it’s time to take it just a little further. Do the amazing thing of turning off your mobile phone or if that’s too much for you at least put it on silent. Ask the hotel to hold your calls and take messages for you. Hide the TV remote and enjoy being together. If this takes the form of a long and romantic bath or jumping on the bed to work off some of that excitement, do it. We won’t judge. After that, well, what you do is up to you.

Eat something
One of the not so best kept secrets of your wedding day is the fact you won’t eat. No matter what happens, there will always be a good reason you’re distracted from the food. All day. Make sure that you’re staying in a hotel that has late night room service or plan a stop to McDonalds on the way to the hotel. The other alternative is to ask the hotel if they are able to leave some canapés in your room (along with a bottle of champagne and rose petals of course!) Many wedding packages for top hotels include this, so keep it in mind.

For bonus points, see if your package includes breakfast the following morning. If not, investigate the options at the hotel. After all, even a wedding day hangover can be cured with eggs.

It is your wedding night and you don’t want that king sized bed going to waste. Make sure you pack your lingerie for the day, as you won’t be wearing it under your wedding dress. While role-playing might be fun, your wedding night is not the time to step too far away from what you’re comfortable in. Find a set that makes you feel confident and that flatters you, because your confidence shows. If there’s a certain style that you know your now husband likes, now’s the time to take that into account!

And guys, don’t think you’re in the clear here. It is not the time for worn out cotton briefs. We beg you.

Organise a late check-out.
After a long day (and a longer night) it makes sense that in the morning, you might want to sleep in and relax. If you’ve organised a wedding package, chances are it’s included but many hotels can extend checkout by at least an hour or two free of charge. Make sure you ask when you book and find out any extra charges. This is your wedding. It’s definitely the time to delay returning to the real world for at least a few hours.

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