Your Bridal Shower Checklist

A Bridal Shower is most likely the last event the bride will ever have for herself before officially becoming a married woman. And what better way to celebrate than pulling off an amazing event honouring the bride-to-be.

Typically, the maid of honour plans and hosts the shower but, it is very common for family members, bridesmaids and close friends to get involved to help execute an immaculate event. It’s a chance to “shower” the bride with love, not to mention the gifts as well as words of advice and encouragement before entering married life.

With the wedding planning in full swing, sometimes it can be a bit stressful planning the bridal shower. So don’t worry, we have your back with our ultimate bridal shower checklist to help you stay organised.

3 Months Before

Set A Date & Time: There is no rule when it comes to selecting the best date or time for your bridal shower but it typically falls between two to three months before the wedding. Select a date and time that fits in best with your busy schedule and if it’s not a surprise, make sure to double check with the bride!

Coordinate With The Bride: Team work make the dream work! If it’s not a surprise, get the bride’s input on what she would like to include for her bridal shower. This includes the date, theme and style.

Create A Budget: Let’s be real, planning the dream wedding comes with a heavy price tag, but don’t panic! You can still have your dream wedding and bridal shower. Just set a budget and coordinate with the people involved to balance out the costs.

Select & Book The Venue: Reserve a venue that best suits the bride’s personality and taste as well as how many guests you are planning on inviting to the event.

Decide On The Theme: Go with a theme that is fun and reflective of the bride’s personality and character. Once you have a theme locked in, styling the event will be a breeze!

Create Your Guestlist: Be sure to invite all the important figures in the bride’s life. This is where you can decide if you want the bridal shower to be just for the ladies or have the option for it to be co-ed.

Select Invitations: Make your invitations stand out by tying it in with your selected theme or style for the event. Include date, time, dress code, registry details, RSVP information and any other essential points.

2 Months Before

Create A Planning Committee: All hands on deck! Get your bridesmaids to be involved with the festivities and planning your bridal shower. This is a good opportunity for the bride to focus on the wedding as her main priority and organise her bridesmaids and people around her to delegate tasks. Keep communication open at all times!

Start Bringing All The Details Together: Make finalised decisions about the decorations, flowers, favours, music, activities and menu. Be sure everything ties in seamlessly with the theme!

Order Hire Props: If the venue you have booked doesn’t include essential items such as tables, chairs, linens, cutlery, cake stands and all other things you require, be sure to reserve all these items.

Consider Hiring Staff: To serve your fancy drinks and pass around your delicious canapés for the event, be sure to book staff in advance.

1 Month Before

Send Out Invitations: The earlier you send these out the better so your guests are well aware of your bridal shower.

Share Details With The Groom: If the groom will be making a guest appearance at the shower, be sure to send him all the details.

Decide On Activities: This is the part where your guests get involved in the festivities! Make sure they fit within the theme and budget of your shower.

Order Food and Drinks: Organise a menu for your guests that fits in well with the selected theme. Include cute drinks and considering hiring a bartending service!

Check In With Your Committee: See where everyone is at, what has been done, what still needs to be done and offer where you can help to get things moving along.

Decide On Your Favours: Pick a creative gift that your guests can bring home and remember your bridal shower.

The Week Before

Confirm Reservations: Double check and triple check that everything has been approved and ready to go!

Confirming Food And Drinks: Ensure everything has been taken care of and is ready for the big day.

Pay Suppliers: If you are featuring any suppliers, make sure everything is paid to ensure everything is smooth sailing ahead.

Assemble All The Details: It’s all the small details that count. If you wanted to make place cards, signs, favours and all the elements to your games, make sure you are well prepared and organised.

Create Floor Plan: Draw out a map to facilitate the layout and to see all the elements come together.

The Day Of The Bridal Shower

Set Up: Arrive to your venue with plenty of time to set up and decorate the space.

Designate Gift Opening Area: Set the space up so that guests can gather around the bride as she opens her gifts. Assign someone to keep a list of who gifts the bride what to make your life a whole lot easier with your thank you cards later on.

Enjoy The Moment: Leading up to the wedding, this is your time to enjoy every moment with your family and loved ones. Remember the importance of the bridal shower – to celebrate the beautiful couple!

Little Tip For The Bride: Your bridal shower is the perfect chance to have all your important members in one space before the big day. Let your hair down, relax and enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to thank your host with a thoughtful thank you gift and card for organising this special event.

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Feature Image By: Sophia and Co Party Hire

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