Iconic Child Stars Then and Now

Do you ever wonder what the child stars who seemed to saturate your childhood are doing now. Well you need wonder no more, here we have put together a list of child celebs who played iconic roles and what the now adults look like and what they are up to these days.

  1. James and Oliver Phelps

the weasley twins

Image via: the sun.co.uk and whosdatedwho.com

Here are two famous twins you could easily pass on the street without realising it. The now 31 year old brothers famously dyed their hair red for ten years for their roles as Fred and George Weasley. Now, having returned to their natural brown they look almost nothing like their famous onscreen personas. The pair have continued their acting career since the conclusion of the Harry Potter series.

2. Cole and Dylan Sprouse

cole and dylan sprouse

Image via justjaredjr.com and studentsoftheworld.info

Here is another pair of once adorable twins who are now kinda sorta hot! The twins had their debut in 1999 ‘Big Daddy.’ They went on to star in their own Disney series ‘The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody’ and the ‘Suite Life on Deck.’ The boys have had no credited roles until very recently when Cole started playing Jughead in the new 2017 series ‘Riverdale.’

3. Devin Ratray

Devin ratray

Image via: mirror.co.uk

You may remember Devin as the bully older brother Buzz in the 1990s classic ‘Home Alone’. Devin has continued his acting career and has regular guest apperances in Law and Order and Supernatural.

4. Mara Wilson

Mara Wilson

Image via: taddlr.com and bust.com

Mara doesnt look all that different from when she played the iconic ‘Matilda’ back in 1996. She now acts in a web series and spends her time writing blogs.

5. Daveigh Chase

daveigh chase

Image via: wetpaint.com

You may remember Daveigh from when she scared the ever loving s@$% out of some of us as Samara on ‘The Ring.’ Daveigh has since abandoned her murderous spree and has had several voice over roles, including that of Lilo on Disney’s ‘Lilo and Stich.’

6 David Dorfman

david dorfman

Image via boy actors.org.uk and refinery 29.com

You wouldn’t beleive what David Dorfman aka the other creepy kid from The Ring is up to these days. He’s a genius, no seriosly. David graduated as valedictorian from UCLA after being admitted at the age of 12! I kidd you not. He then went to Harvard Law school at 18! where, you guessed it, he graduated at the top of his class. The boy genius now runs about saving the world, working as an attorney in Capitol Hill DC and at one of the top firms in Hong Kong.

7. Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis

Image via: guff.com and seventeen.com

The years have certainly been kind to the beloved dweeb Neville Longbottom. Matthew has continued his acting career since the wrapping up of the Harry Potter series and late last year got engaged to girlfriend Angela Jones, making him one of the first Hogwarts kids to officially be taken of the market! sorry ladies.

8. Barret Oliver

Barett Oliver

Image via tumblr.com

Oliver stared in ‘The Never Ending Story.’ He subsequently abandoned his acting career after he joined the church of scientology.

9. Bonnie Wright

Bonnie Wright

Image via: blog.stylewe.com

Bonnie Wright has tried her hand at screenwriting and directing since her days as Ginny Weasley. She has also since earned a bachelors degree and launched a career as a model.

10. Christina Ricci

christina ricci

Image via: playbuzz.com and hawtcelebs.com

Ricci was the creepy gothic girl who shot to fame adged nine after her role in The Adams Family. She earned her child star status with subsequent appearances in ‘Now and Then’ (1995) and ‘Casper’ (1995). Ricci has most recently stared as Zelda Fitzgerald in ‘The Beginning of Everything.’

11. Louise and Lisa Burns

shining twins

Image via: shortlist.com

aaannnd here is another set of twins. Louise and Lisa Burns aka the Grady twins, literally wrote the book on how to be a terrifying child and its a standard pretty much every horror movie has followed ever since. Post-Shining neither of them acted again with Lisa (left in the movie scene, right in the red cardigan) studying literature at university and Louise becoming a microbiologist.

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