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One of the first things you need when preparing for a girl’s night or hosting a dinner party is a killer cocktail. We took Friday afternoon drinks to the next level and tested some tasty vodka-based concoctions and these are our three favourites!

Lady Mavis

45ml Alaskan rock vodka
20ml fresh lime juice
20ml Dark Agave syrup
2 caramelised figs (of 2 spoons of fig jam)
A dash of balsamic vinegar
1 egg white

Muddle fig, add ingredients and dry shake. Add ice, shake again, strain into glass over ice. Garnish with fig slice and cinnamon quill.

Lady Mavis main

Emerald City Cooler

45ml of Alaskan Rock Vodka
20ml plata tequila (I used patron)
15ml Galliano vanilla
10ml kiwi juice
10ml fresh coconut juice

Add all ingredients into Boston glass, shake over ice and strain into chilled glass. Garnish with cucumber slice.

Emerald City Cooler main

Bloody Alaska

45ml of Alaska vodka
60ml crushed tomatoes
15ml reduced balsamic vinegar
1 spoon of spiced chutney
1 spoon of chilli paste
1 stick of Rosemary
Cracked pepper
3 lemon wedges

Muddle Rosemary, lemon and Chutney in Boston. Add remaining ingredients. Shake over ice. Dump all ingredients into a tall glass or tumbler. Garnish with rock salt and Tabasco to taste.

bloody alaska main


Main image from Mavanhandballcourt.com

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